WPC: “Window”

Window atop the arches in the Old City Hall station, NYC.  Canon Rebel T2i, 24mm lens.

Window atop the arches in the Old City Hall station, NYC. Canon Rebel T2i, 24mm lens. Click for Hi-Res.

Built at the turn of the 20th Century, the Old City Hall Station was designed by the same architects who assembled the beautiful Grand Central Station…and it shows.  I’ve been waiting my whole life to tour this station, and have peeked at it through the dark windows of the 6 train during its turn-around.  Finally got my chance at the end of 2013 to visit the station in person, with my sister.  Even more exciting, Guillermo del Toro’s book, The Strain, has a scene here.  They’re going to film the movie soon, and I have no idea whether they will actually come to that station or not.  But the mood and its vintage dereliction would be perfect for a vampire story.

Part of that black stuff you see on the window is from WWII, when all windows had to be blacked out.

More of my photos at the Old City Hall Station can be found in my Flickr Set.

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WPC: Community…Laguna, Philippines

Mother and child riding a tricycle in Laguna, Philippines.

Mother and child riding a tricycle in Laguna, Philippines. Click for Hi-res image.

My family lives an hour south of Manila, in a province called Laguna.  Here’s a typical sight: a mother and her child riding through town on a tricycle.

I’ve got a lot more shots like this from my recent trip to the Philippines, which should get uploaded completely in a few days.

More pictures of:

Taken with: Canon Rebel T2i, 24mm f/1.4 L lens II.

Saturation: Peace, Love, & Lobster Rolls!

Down by the docks in Provincetown, MA, the “Red Shack” stands out even on a dreary, overcast day.  Its bright red draws you in, and this cute, hand-painted sign makes me smile.  Red is my favorite color; bright, plastic, firetruck red!  Took this picture and more on my recent vacation to Provincetown.  Way more pics (especially of Jasper the Dog) here in this Flickr set.

Just as vibrant as the restaurant, the actual lobster rolls!  They were as tasty as they look! “Connecticut style” to the left (hot butter on lobster meat), Massachusetts style on the right (served cold with mayo).  I like the butter one way more.

This was for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated.

WPC: The Turbulent Sea

The Atlantic Ocean, off Cape Cod.

The pure strength of Nature is the Sea herself.  She is vast, she is rough, she is turbulent, she is eternally mutable.  The Sea is unruly and wild; she cannot be controlled by man, beast, plant, rock, nor earth itself.  She steals the face of the sky and froths at the mouth, laughing spitefully.  Here by the shore, a giggle, there by the cliffside, a belting roar.   She isolates with her girth and murders with a sip.  She is fear, and death, and strength, and home.

Just got back from a trip to Cape Cod…much more pics to follow :)  They’re all already uploaded to this Flickr Set, with gratuitous photos of Jasper the Dog.

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The Golden Hour: Sunsets Over New York City

Argh, forgot to post this up in time!  This is for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour.

I work just across the East River from Manhattan, with one of the most breathtaking views of the city.  My desk faces this view, and everyone is allowed on the roof!  Which is where I took this photo, last year.  It’s a panorama of New York City, as seen from a roof in Long Island City.  Click the image for a bigger version.

But, feeling guilty that I used such an old photo, here is one from today.  Taken with my iPhone 4s.  The colors are pretty crummy, but today’s sunset was hot pink and cotton candy blue!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companion

Is there any love or trust greater than that between a boy and his dog?

This is Jasper, my boyfriend’s husky-shepherd mix….and possibly the sweetest dog I’ve ever met.  It amazes me to see how well he can communicate with gestures, with plain English, and Jasper completely understands.  My favorite thing: if you pick up his paws, Jasper tries to grip and squeeze your hands back!

He’s not my dog, and I can’t really experience the same bond that Jasper has with his master.  Maybe one day I can get my own pet.  I suppose my actual companion nowadays is my boyfriend, but I don’t have a picture with him that’s quite so loving as the one above.

More pictures of Jasper can be found on this Flickr set.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

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Above is my favorite picture of my boyfriend and his favorite “son”.  This was taken back when we first got together, and from the first time I went to Prospect Park during the off-leash hours (AKA “doggy heaven”).  It’s been the wallpaper (lock screen) for my iPhone all this time, and reminds me of something you’d see on an indie music album cover.  I rather like it.  A lot.  I can’t tell if it’s due to composition, which I feel I need to work on a lot more in photography, or sentimental value.

Another one of the toughest things about art is EDITING.

I have little confidence in editing and composition.  I’m the type of person who buys the same shirt in five colors, because that trivial decision of picking which SINGLE one is best is virtually impossible to me.  And it really bugs me that I’m like that, but I yam what I yam…as Popeye would say.  Things are improving, but very gradually.

Composition and editing go hand in hand…to compose a scene, you edit out the bad parts…the ugly parts….the things that would distract the viewer’s eye from what you want them to focus on.  Because I’m in post production, I get to use some fancy computer tricks to force your eye…but in Photography, I really try to stay away from that.  It’s a legit thing to do, and something that Photographers have been doing since 100 years ago in the dark room (before Photoshop)….but the masters can capture a perfectly composed shot in-camera.  Hopefully I can do that more consistently one day.  At most, I try to limit myself to simple white balance corrections and cropping, on the computer.

If I was better at editing, or had more confidence in it, then I could easily select one of my past photos that is striking and well-composed. But alas… :(

Runners up: a couple other photos I have from living through Hurricane Sandy and the resulting blackout, which I really like but never got much love from anyone else:

With no electricity in Lower Manhattan, street vendors with generators was a lifesaver to some.

With no electricity in Lower Manhattan, street vendors with generators was a lifesaver to some.

On Day 2 of no power, police arrived at night to direct traffic...since there were no longer any functioning street lights.

On Day 2 of no power, police arrived at night to direct traffic…since there were no longer any functioning street lights.