About : The Fishie Behind the Jellie

Jelliefishie by the Sea.

Jelliefishie by the Sea.

I’m a VFX artist living in New York City, with a love for photography, video games, drawing, reading, movies, running, comics, food, pictures of food, and of course…writing!  That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?  I started out writing on 750words.com to get in the habit, and decided this stuff may as well go public.

I post my drawings, my photography, and things from daily life…pretty much all for the sake of self-improvement and getting over my fear of strangers’ opinions.


6 thoughts on “About : The Fishie Behind the Jellie

  1. Nice blog you have here. Kim mentioned it in a post and provided a link. She is fantastic, so any friend of hers is definitely worth my time to follow. I have only had time to read a few things so far, but will check back, I love your graphic design. I don’t know anything about games, but perhaps I will know more after reading your posts. Have an outstanding day.

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