2016 Resolutions

 It’s been difficult to sort through my feelings about the new year ahead. What do I really want from life? I’m almost afraid to declare it because it means I can measure my progress in December, and that could lead to disappointment. It could end up being a source of pride too, but my imagination always errs towards worse case scenarios!

  1. Keep making home a nicer, cozier place. Whether that means buying new furniture or simply cleaning every nook on a consistent basis, I think this one is a big one. And figure out how to decorate. 
  2. Drawing once a day. I’ve so far been doing this since the new year! Most of the time it’s rather crap doodles so they remain private, in my sketchbook. 
  3. Read a new book every month. I read a lot of comics but that doesn’t count. One year, I did read 25 books, but I’d be happy with a minimum of 12 for 2016. I no longer have an aversion to non fiction, too. It’s just nice to read something that isn’t inane social media. I was hoping Winds of Winter, the next A Song Of Ice And Fire book would be out in January but it’s not. I can wait. There’s literally millions of other books to read while I wait :) 
  4. Be healthy. This is huge and like, FOUR years in the making. I have yet to get the true “all clear” from my doctors but things are looking up. No suspicious moles in December 2015. Things looked good at the Gyno in Nov. Sadly, my insurance changed because I can no longer afford the higher premium cost of my old one, so I can’t see the gyno-oncologist that has been treating me :/ I would vastly prefer her since she knows my history and body. But I can’t afford it. Anyway, I don’t wanna get into how much premiums and deductibles have become monsters since the ACA passed. I just want to say I want to be in good health. 
  5. Time manage my cooking. Smart people cook on weekends and eat for days. I always cook after work, and end up with no time for anything before sleeping. I haven’t figured out how I’ll make this work, but it’s important to me. If I can do this, I can both have hobbies AND have a good night’s sleep!

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