2015 Recap!


The holidays really snuck up on me! December went by within a week and suddenly here we are in January, 2016. I kept forgetting my birthday, and was surprised 3 times on Dec. 31 that it was New Year’s Eve!

Young people (comparatively I’m 28) in their teens use Instagram a certain way — they are heavily curated and they rarely have more than 20 photos up. Things they “outgrow” get deleted quick. They also barely use tags. So I’m super lame and NEVER delete photos (and use a ton of tags), but I’m really glad I don’t delete. I could not remember  what the hell I did this year, and looking back, there’s been quite a few things.

1. Home Improvements


This blurb got so extensive, I decided to put it in a future post. That way I can gush all about the big cost stuff I bought and feel good about it!! Haha! To summarize, this apartment is a rental but my boyfriend and I plan to be here for a few years. We worked on furnishing the bedroom and office and I think it worked out well…no more step stool nightstand! :D I’ve seen others rush to set up a homey home in 3 weeks time, and sometimes I feel impatient, but the place is looking nicer. 2016 should see even more improvements. Wish it wasn’t such a mental struggle to figure out how to deal with the weird layout of a railroad apartment. I’d like to finally frame and hang some art, and mayyybe get a new couch or something. The seating is not great, especially when guests come by.

2. Plant Rearing

I do NOT have a green thumb. The Amarylis my friend gifted to me did well for several months, and then withered and died.

My basil seedlings grew up decently, but then got flies (EWWWW) in the summer. Thankfully they seem all dead since the Fall. But it made me afraid to water it, and now 3/4 of its stems are perpetually brown. On the bright side…the basil smells and tastes amazing! I need to prune it and encourage bushiness. It’s not looking attractive but I think it’s salvageable. I forget to water it often.

My two lucky bamboo shoots are doing great! Nice green color. Nice orange roots. No growth in length but I just bought some 50 cent plant food. Let’s see if it helps in 2016! This may be the only plant I should ever own.  That and fake plants.

The Peace Lily isn’t doing great. It was awesome for so many months, but then I went on a two week vacation and my roommate overwatered it…SEVERELY. I haven’t checked but it probably has root rot or something.  The leaves keep dying slowly, and thus has become sparse. It’s not attractive. But enough of it is still alive that I have some hope.

3. Gainfully [Freelance] employed!

I’m usually so worried about whether I’ll have work (and thus money, my true pursuit in life), but this year was a pretty good one. There’s just two months that I didn’t work, and I think I’ve made up for at least one of those in overtime billing. I hope this continues, I love moneyyyyy. My big fear is ending up homeless and poor. BUT.  It would be way more ideal to just have steady income and not have to work so hard that I feel the instinctual urge to escape the continent.

4. Trip to Japan


It was the first time traveling somewhere fun with my boyfriend and HIS first time outside of North America! We primarily ate our way through Osaka, with a little bit of Kyoto sightseeing and a few days of some illness in Tokyo. First time using AirBnB too. As it happened out, our Japanese host in Osaka ran a beautifully clean apartment while our American hosted Tokyo apartment kinda grossed me out. Hopefully the latter isn’t the norm. I already want to go back and I miss the food…and how the Dollar was so strong while we were there. It was so fun seeing Japan through my boyfriend’s fresh eyes, and I reconnected with a few friends…even if we didn’t get to meet again in person. Last night I dreamed in Japanese. I don’t think that’s happened for 9 years.

5. I have photos with my boyfriend!!

This was actually a goal of mine for 2015+! All I had before was shots of food we ate and our dog. Now I have damning proof that we enjoy each other’s company!

6. First time in a Halloween costume since early college



Every year I’d say I’ll start my costume in the summer, and every year I’d do nothing. Except for 2015!! I dressed up as Boltie (Ellen Page) from James Gun’s movie, Super. Great great movie. More people have to see it, it’s on Netflix. I consider the outfit a work in progress, as I lacked her belt, her bolt appliqués, and hated my skirt. But overall it is Boltie and it was fun :) My boyfriend dressed up as the main hero, The Crimson Bolt.

7. I went to Shop class and made a cutting board!


I’ve only ever seen woodworking shops on TV…NYC high schools don’t exactly have the resources for shop class. My sister couldn’t make it to this cutting board making class, so I took her spot. It was REALLU fun and I can see why people get so in to woodworking. The power you feel as you mold wood, like soft putty, with your hands is addicting. I love how my board came out and how pro it looks! I gifted it to my mom for Christmas. We used it to cut dinner right away. If it wasn’t so expensive to get my hands on the tools to make stuff, I would definitely do it more.


That’s about it for 2015!

 Not sure what 2016 Resolutions I would have for myself, that’s something that will have to simmer in the back of my brain for a bit.


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