Can An Animal Have A Spirit Animal?


….Because Jasper’s spirit animal would be like a Macy’s Thanksgiving balloon.  Doesn’t matter how much he eats, he will always always be begging for food!  Doodled this during a phone meeting today.

I haven’t been too motivated to post lately, just feeling really drained.  It’d be nice to just not do anything.  I don’t mean just staying home from work, I mean I want to be a hermit and do absolutely nothing except my hobbies.  No more house chores either.  But that’s never going to happen, realistically.  People rely on me.  I guess that can be a nice thought, but right now I just feel drained.  I want some help too.  But I don’t even know how others could help me with my non-work workload.  I’m slowly trying to push myself to just DO the stuff I want to do.  Things I let fall by the wayside.  I uploaded a bunch of photos I took 2 months ago in Japan — it was actually done a month ago but I never got around to sharing them online.  Not sure where that sudden drop in motivation comes from.  At the same time, I feel like I am strangely, unwillingly, but undeniably have a direct connection of getting likes on photos to self-esteem, in times like this.  It’s unhealthy!  But it’s there.  At least I don’t do drugs? :)


2 thoughts on “Can An Animal Have A Spirit Animal?

  1. Took the words right out of my mouth! Today apparently sucks for a lot of people lately. I had the hardest time getting out of bed to day, let alone going to work. When you figure out that hermit plan let me know.

  2. Oh I have those weekends sometimes… literally just disconnect myself from talking to anyone and spend that time on myself. No social media that has people updates, just things to find out whats going on or just stay home all day playing a video game (last time it was Child of Light) and then go out to the park and stare at random things and maybe a take a photo and then delete it because too critical. I think the sudden drop of motivation may come from too much stimulus and now you have hit the peak and just plummeted. Another good thing is sometimes to not be so nice as much, because then people rely too much on it and then if you ask for it possibly in return it could be bad.

    My car analogy since its pretty common, you drive non drivers around all the time, at first its because you being nice they don’t drive for whatever reason, then it becomes that thing they say oh your going to drive us of course! and you don’t want to drive since its tiring to drive, now in the meantime they don’t offer gas money or any chance that they will learn to drive one day, so you say lets find someone else to drive, and suddenly you have destroyed their driver reliability in their worlds, and other drivers don’t want to drive a driver, because granted some people just love driving, but also so now your stuck in your home and those freeloaders find someone new to get free rides from. Its extremely draining and the reward is none even if it doesn’t deserve one.

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