Be Smart, Play Dumb

Dead Rabbit, an awesome bar on Stone St. that dates back to 1818.

Sometimes, I think being a generalist is a curse. Sometimes, it’s smart to play dumb.

If my employers didn’t know I could do both 2D and 3D work, I would have half as much work to do. And by that, I mean I would be over-worked instead of drowning in work. With a project as large in scale as the one we’re working on, with over 300 deliverables to give the client, and with such specific, name dependent parameters to this….it really sucks doing both the 2D and 3D side. I was hired to do 2D and I haven’t had the months of time with our custom 3D asset system to know my way around it. So I’m slower in 3D work than the dedicated 3D guys. No one seems to mind that I ask a million questions a day, and on the bright side I’m learning a lot. But then my 2D assignments fall behind in schedule. They really just need to hire another human body – another pair of hands and eyes. It isn’t going to happen, though. While I’m wishing, we could hire like 3 more people.  And the funny thing is, big clients have small budgets so we can’t afford it.  Multimillion dollar companies have small budgets.  It’s weird.

I’m at work 9:30am to 8:30pm on a good day, and stay to midnight routinely. I hear the sun sets late in the evening now, but my body hasn’t witnessed it, except on the weekends.

Still, this could’ve been my last week of work. I didn’t have to agree to extending my booking on this crazy, over-achieving job. But I did and I might do it again. I’m not sure yet. The money is good and I have international vacations planned this Fall. On the other hand, I miss having dinner at home and spending time with my boyfriend.

We’ve collectively started drinking once 6PM hits, to get through the rest of the day.  I have my 2nd espresso.  At lunch this week, we started drinking our sorrows away there as well.  Morale is low but we won’t mutiny, we still want the money.  Maybe that’s just destiny when you’re on Wall St.?

A good friend of mine has been a great connection for the past couple of years, getting me jobs with him around the city. But a pattern has emerged. It was there all along but I kept making excuses. He was bragging about this other place we worked at where he would routinely leave at 6:30PM on the dot, and how great it was.  A flash of anger hit me, and I said, “You leave at 6:30.  I was staying to 10PM at least, every night.”  Kinda wish I pushed that issue more because he brushed it off.  I stayed late because no one else would, so the work wasn’t going to get done unless I did.  Man.  Next time, I’m not staying later than this guy anymore.  I gotta put my foot down.


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