Podcasts For Foodies!

I’m one of those people who likes to talk about food, learn about food, and eat a lot of food.  When I’m preparing dinners at home, it gets a little boring without a little noise…so I turn on a food-related podcast to keep me company :)  Here’s a few of my favorites so far, in alphabetical order.

America’s Test Kitchen


This is probably one of the most popular food podcasts out there, and for good reason.  I learn a lot by listening to their Q&A section in the beginning and the interviews in to current and historical food methods are pretty interesting. There’s a ton of back episodes too, so they’ll keep you busy for a long time.  They’re part of the Cook’s Illustrated network, and consequently have all the experience and technique you’d expect from a CI book.  There’s also a section in the show for equipment reviews, which are pretty great since you have to pay to access the text versions online, and a wine tasting and taste testing section….both of which I don’t care much about!



This podcast is pretty new, so there aren’t many episodes yet…but they’re all really good! If you like food AND it’s history and science, listen to Gastropod!  The first ep especially was really interesting – about how the material your utensils are made of change the taste of food.  It made me really want to eat ice cream with a gold spoon :)

KCRW Good Food


This one was a new discovery for me, recommended by a fellow foodie coworker.  They’re based in San Francisco, so expect a lot of chat about local SF restaurants.  I haven’t listened to many episodes yet, but I did hear them go over the history of edible underwear in their latest episode, and talk about the gentrification of SF’s Chinatown.  A lot of the topics look really interesting so I recommend checking them out too.

The Sporkful


Another new-ish podcast, based in NY this time!  The host has interesting discussions about food, but instead of just focusing on the past (eps on bagels and the origin of Belgian waffles), he also highlights and discusses new and more interesting ways to enjoy food.

Hope you guys enjoy these podcasts as much as I do!  They keep me motivated to keep cooking nearly every weeknight.


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