Cloning My Old Roommate

My old roommate was perfect, and had all this nice house stuff for us to use – a blender, a vacuum, glasses to drink water with (what a novelty!), pots and pans for cooking…the list goes on!  So I’m slowly buying replacements … that are pretty much the same exact things she had!  If she came back to visit, which she might do and almost did already, she might freak out a little.

With my week off, I’ve had time to go shopping!  Allow me to show off some crappy iPhone pics of my railroad apartment…

For The Kitchen

Towel Rack & Hand Towel.  Microfiber towel was 2 for $2.00. Rack was another $5.00, both from the discount store.  My old roommate used to just drape the towel (same brand but in green!) over the sink cabinet’s door, but then it would never close.  So I love that the rack is slim enough to allow the door to close, AND it coincidentally matches the cabinet knobs :D

Knife Block.  I love this thing!!  Crate & Barrel, $40.  Sounds expensive, right?  Turns out, knife blocks are really expensive.  I even thought maybe I could make one myself, but Boyfriend said he’s had woodshop classes before and it’s not worth the trouble.  Not like I own the tools anyhow.  There’s a lot of Pinterest pins with DIY versions of this, using bamboo skewers.  The skewers may be cheap but the wood & tools aren’t.

Steak Knives. Set of 4 for $2.99 at the discount store, Sunbeam brand.  The brand you always see in discount stores, haha!  My spice/dish wire racks are all Sunbeam too.  Cheap and gets the job done perfectly well.

Glasses set.  Room Essentials Tumbler set of 12, $9.99 from Target.  Yet another item that is the exact set my old roommate had.  I remember she said they were from Target….yeap, I’m that creepy!!  We USED to have glasses from the discount store but they were so thin, they broke.  And we handwash.  They just…BROKE.  These tumblers were GREAT…pretty thick and could withstand a few dings that I may or may not have accidentally done.  Kinda shocked that $9.99 is the regular price.  Plus, the flared top means it’s easy to stick your hand in to scrub. Still waiting for it to ship.

Mixing Bowls. Pyrex set of 8 for $15.99, Target.  Amazon has it for the same price, too.  While the discount store did have a LOT of miscellaneous Pyrex, which I may return for, they didn’t have this bowl set.  It’s…yes! Another thing my old roommate had!!  Though she didn’t have the lids.  These things were GREAT, I did so much cooking and mixing with them!!  Really excited to have some again.  You know what’s odd, there’s a few reviews on Amazon of people complaining they shatter…when you DROP IT.  Or pour hot liquid in to it.  So some people have never heard of gravity or thermal shock.  Luckily I’m not an idiot like they are :)  Still waiting for it to ship.

Pasta Pot with Lid.  $30.99 from Target.  This one is NOT the same as what my old roommate had…what a shocker :D  I don’t remember what brand hers was, but this is a similar size to her pot, minus the strainer/steamer chamber.  I’m kinda excited about the steamer part.  Depending on the size I may be able to start steaming fish like I used to!!  But….I’m sure vegetables will fit in there, at least.  So now we have a pot, and not just a frying pan and skillet!!!  Still waiting for it to ship.

For The Bathroom

Shower Caddy.  Got it from a discount store around here, which should really be everyone’s first place to check for household needs!  $5.99.  It says it’s rust-proof, and after nearly a year with the old one my ex-roommate had, it’s true.

Toothbrush holder.  This was a bit of a cheat, $0.00!  I couldn’t find a good toothbrush holder in a store, isn’t that crazy? Everything at Target’s website had terrible reviews (they rusted), and the two discount stores I went to didn’t have it.  Toothbrush holders at proper homegoods stores like Crate & Barrel were insanely priced and, frankly, kinda gaudy.  I wanna stick to a more minimal aesthetic.  So I peeled the label off an old glass spice jar that no one had used for over 2 years.  You know, I actually really hate toothbrush holders, they ALWAYS get scummy and disgusting.  Hasn’t happened yet with this glass jar, but I’m dreading it.

More To Come…

That’s really the main “essential” stuff we were missing.  I grabbed an old glass sauce pan from my uncle’s place with a lid, got an old plastic colander from there too.  Still need a few kitchen utensils, but none of them are too urgent.  Getting a bedroom dresser is a higher priority, as right now there’s literally only a bed in the bedroom.  It’s going to be our long “nightstand”.  I’m hoping there’s a good President’s Day sale for furniture so I can grab a certain Pier 1 dresser up more cheaply.


3 thoughts on “Cloning My Old Roommate

  1. Its like you moved in … AGAIN! I got myself Cutco knives figure I needed my adult knives… can’t mooch everything off my roommate ;) I am shock its not just a giant ikea trip there.

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