Proceeding With Caution With A New Roommate

It hasn’t even been a year and I’m on the 4th roommate!!

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  As soon as I moved in with my boyfriend, his 2 roommates moved out to be with their boyfriends.  Roommate #1 was a disgusting pack rat, while Roommate #2 was quiet and kept to herself.  The only story I have about her is of that time when my boyfriend walked in on her giving a blowjob to her boyfriend :O  It’s a railroad apartment and, with the way things were arranged at the time, you have to walk through her room to access the rest of the apartment.  Since that incident, we’d just exit the apartment in to the “lobby” and bypass her room, and go through the other entrance to get to the bathroom, kitchen, and living room.  Yeah…not a great layout!

Roommate #3 was the best roommate we could’ve gotten!  I pushed to get her during the Craigslist interviews, and it turned out great.  We have nothing, and she had everything.  Great pots, pans, dishware, just…everything!  She was clean and picked up better than I did.  Even her boyfriend was really friendly and fun to hang out with.  But alas…..she moved out to a 1-bedroom with him a few blocks away, and took all her lovely house stuff with her!  No more blender to make smoothies, no more GLASSES to drink water out of, no more bathroom accessories, pots, pans, can openers, etc.  Yeah, I wasn’t exagerrating when I said we didn’t have much to our name!  I have a bed, clothes, computer, and gaming systems.  Oh, and the dog!

I’m undecided about Roommate #4, another Craigslist find, like all the previous ones.  She was really friendly when we interviewed her, albeit very desperate to get the place.  As if it were a job interview, she sent us her LinkedIn page and kept following up through text and email.  But hey, she was friendly…maybe it’s fine.  #4 and #3 were both from Long Island, and #3 mentioned how it was really hard to get an apartment when people found out she was from Long Island.  Brokers especially wouldn’t take her.

I’m still a little skeptical about the new girl.  She’s still very nice but some things are odd.  She paid her security deposit with a check that had her office’s name on it, not her own.  She has literally two bins of clothing and a mattress on the floor, which she just bought.  There’s still plastic wrapped around the box spring.  I know she owns toothpaste, an electric toothbrush, a towel, and a single mason jar for drinking.  That’s it!  Maybe she’s just minimalistic?  Or maybe I’m making excuses?  She doesn’t cook, which I knew from her interview. It’s just odd to me.  Oh, and I think she has 2 boyfriends, though she doesn’t label them in that way, they’re just her “friends”.  One of them is super friendly and I like him, the other one is a CREEP.  He does 3D like me, except…kind of a hack.  My boyfriend showed me the guy’s site and it’s all awful, unironically awful!  He said hi while I was prepping bits of raw chicken a couple nights ago, and that one encounter has me disturbed.  I don’t even know what he was saying fully, but he made some comment about “Two little Asian girls living together”.  Roommate gave him a look, while I cut him off and changed the subject.  Sure, he had a jack & coke in his hand, but he wasn’t drunk.  Just.  Creepy.  Both guys sleep in her room with her, and it’s all very quiet.  Yes, I’m kinda being a weirdo by being so interested, haha.  Boyfriend thinks the Creepy Dude is probably great in bed, while the Nice Guy is, you know, the one who’s fun to hang out with…like they independently fulfill 2 aspects a person may desire.


One thought on “Proceeding With Caution With A New Roommate

  1. Lol welcome to new roommate life I guess? I am happy I only have one! But CL people you never know what sorta weirdoes you are going to get… If Kenji where to ever move out my place would be super barren since he owns pretty much everything outside of my bedroom and bathroom. LOL Long Island I guess that means they aren’t trust worthy? But long story short, many people in Silicon Valley have their place paid by the companies they work at, so if they get fired at a moments notice it isn’t hard to vacate the place if needed. Hence why so little thing possibly…

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