How I Beat Molluscum Contagiosum

Most people have never heard of this virus, unless you’ve been infected.  And once you are, it can be nerve-wrackingly awful, as it deprives you of precious self-esteem and even your sex life.  There’s a lot of articles on blogs out there about how people dealt with this, and a lot of forum posts (on spammy, ad-riddled sites).  I’d like to tell my story of how I got it and dealt with it.

There WILL be pictures, way at the bottom of this article, way after the jump.  It’s technically SFW (safe for work) but there will be close ups of molluscum.  I took some pictures myself to keep track of how they looked and where they were, for my own knowledge.  Which was great because I did forget where one of them was at a certain point, because it had healed and disappeared.

Now let’s start this off with….


To sum it up, it’s a virus that infects your skin.  Visually, it’s a wart – kind of like a pimple, except the shape is different.  A pimple is kinda triangle shaped and comes to a peak; molluscum tends to look way fatter than a pimple (wide base) and may have a flat head.  Depending on how old it is, you may also see a white dot in the center; you’ll see on the internet that people refer to this as the white “core” of the virus….the infectious stuff, should you pop it.  Each “bump” is an infection.  You could have 1 bump, a handful, or several dozen, if you are unlucky.

It can enter your skin and infect you if you (A) do not wash your hands regularly or (B) have some kind of tear in your skin.  Like if you scratch or rub your skin (which may cause breaks in your skin that you can’t see with the naked eye), it can infect you.  Some people consider this an STI because it’s something you can get from having sex (grinding against someone, you can totally break skin without really feeling it), but that’s not the only way.  People have gotten Plantar’s warts at the gym purely by accidental contact with an infected surface, and the same thing can happen with molluscum.  I saw a dermatologist about this, and she told me that she treats many runway models who have molluscum, and it has destroyed relationships because their boyfriends would think the model got it by cheating on him.  But one could contract it from wearing someone else’s clothes, or using someone else’s (damp) towel.  I do think it is counterproductive to label molluscum as an STI, because the stigma associated with sexually transmitted diseases makes its victims afraid to seek help out of embarrassment.  Oh and one more thing…waxing can make molluscum easier to spread, because there’s no hair “barrier” to reduce skin to skin contact with another person!  You can also infect others if you are infected and you take a bath with them. So baths are off limits!  I’ll cover this again later.

After researching it online, I’ve also found that it’s common for infants to get infected with this as well.


I’m going to describe what I observed to be the life cycle of the molluscum that I had.  For pictures, scroll to the bottom of the article…I’ve got the basic life cycle there.

  1. Invisible.  You see your normal, clear, smooth skin.  It takes 2 weeks or more for it to incubate and then start showing, so you can be infected without knowing it till way later.
  2. Pimples.  At least, that’s what it’ll look like.  Maybe it’s skin colored, maybe it’s slightly pink or reddish.  These can start out REALLY tiny, and it may be hard to see their shape…so you might think it’s a pimple or in-grown hair.
  3. Puffy shape.  Can still be pinkish, but now it’s puffy looking, kind of flat-ish at the top instead of the tapered shape a regular pimple has.
  4. White headed puffy shape.  It may also get pretty big at this point as well.  At this point, it’s maturing and you can see the white core in the middle of it.  Sometimes there’s a little dimple in the absolute center, so it’s more like a white donut inside the bump.
  5. Scabbing.  Once the body is really fighting this thing off, you’ll notice scabbing start to appear on one side of the molluscum….then eventually cover the entire mollusucm!  Congratulations, that infection is about to be cleared!
  6. You’re cured!  The skin is smooth, the scab fell off.  You may have a bit of scarring or darkened skin at the site (I’m olive skinned so that’s what happens to me….White people might react differently).


As I said above, there are many ways to get infected, and it can be hard to narrow it down.  I definitely accused my boyfriend of passing it on to me, although after some rational research – molluscum has an incubation period of 2 weeks before it appears and we had been together for wayyyyy longer than that – I realized that was not where I got it from.  Similarly, he I may have gotten it from my ex-boyfriend….but for the same reason as above, I had been away from my ex for too long by the time it showed up.

So how did I get infected?  Last year, I went through four surgeries to remove an extremely deep, possibly pre-cancerous mole in my vulva area.  It REALLY sucked.  The first three surgeries were at the doctor’s clinic, but the final one had me in the Operating Room at a hospital.  This was actually a very terrible experience due to how crappily hospitals are run…and even worse, I got infected there.  My boyfriend was ruled out.  My ex-boyfriend was ruled out.  But the molluscum indeed appeared 2-3 weeks after my surgery in the OR, where I was kept waiting for an OR for over 5 hours.  I was in a hospital gown, sitting on hospital chairs, with a hospital towel over me for that time….so it could have happened then, or it could have happened when I was in the actual OR and maybe the sheets were dirty.  But I think it was probably while waiting for a room.  I was also starving since I didn’t eat since the night before, but that’s unrelated to the molluscum infection.

Nothing I can do about the hospital not being clean like that.  It’s not like I can prove it concretely.  I figured it out after process of elimination, and based off what my Dermatologist told me; I had discussed with her about how I could have gotten it, and the hospital is the only possible way.  Sucks but that is life.  If you check the internet, you can find anecdotes from other people who got molluscum from touching stuff or sitting on dirty equipment at a gym.  You can’t do much to prevent it except keep clean; wash your hands, wipe down machines, things like that.

Oh yeah, and I did pass it on to my poor boyfriend while we were taking a bath :(  I feel pretty bad about that, but I didn’t even know I was infected at that point yet.  I was instructed to take baths after my operation, to soothe the pain of my scar area.  It would sometimes be so painful it would wake me up, so I did this often.


  1. Do Nothing.  Molluscum is a virus, and like most other viruses, it’s up to your immune system to get rid of it.  You can’t take an antibiotic or a pill to get rid of it.  But there are still some things you can do to help your body fight it!  Eat a diet that will keep your immune system in its best fighting shape.  Eat healthy, eat yogurt, eat real food, avoid processed, etc. etc.  Fruits and vegetables really help here.  Look up diets that will boost your immune system.  Garlic helps a lot – if you don’t like the taste of it (I LOVE FRESH GARLIC IN ALL MY FOODS), there are also capsulated ground garlic supplements you can buy.  It’s just crushed garlic in a capsule, so you don’t taste it on the way down.  You probably will still have garlicy burps though!  You also need to take extreme care that you do not spread the virus to other parts of your skin!!!  This is really important; a lot of people end up accidentally scratching or popping their molluscum and it spreads from a handful to a dozen papules.  Keep your hands clean.  Utilize self control and DO NOT SCRATCH!  Do not pick at it, do not touch it…wash that area in the shower thoroughly.  STICK TO SHOWERS, not baths!  That way you aren’t soaking in the virus, should something pop and release it without your knowledge, and it won’t find an opening somewhere else in your skin to enter.  It might take a few weeks, it might take over a year, but your body CAN clear the infection on its own.
  2. Stimulate the Immune System to “Pay Attention” to Where the Molluscum is.  This is a step more involved than “do nothing”.  You are still letting your immune system handle the infection, but with molluscum, you need to get your body to “pay attention” to that part of your skin and realize there’s an infection there.  There are a few popular methods to do this, and I tried all of these.

A. Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment.  This is very popular with the internet, and it’s VERY cheap.  You don’t have much to lose with this method, financially.  Buy some apple cider vinegar at the grocery – you’ll want the kind that has some pulpy guck at the bottom of the bottle.  At night, before bed, I put a little bit of the vinegar on a Q-tip and swabbed it on to each infection site individually.  I didn’t double dip, because I didn’t want to risk contaminating my vinegar (I do this with my make up remover too, haha!).  It sometimes stings a little.  You do not wanna just apply vinegar to a big area of your skin, because the vinegar is going to irritate you and cause this burning feeling.  Sometimes I would dab some on and just chill out on my bed, to let it all air dry before I put my clothes back on.  I did this at night, and occasionally in the morning as well.  In a few days, this caused some of the molluscum to “mature” – they went from being pink papules to white-cored, puffy things…they got bigger, and that’s a good sign.  But I was not diligent with doing this routinely, and soon fell completely off the wagon after a week.

Some people on the internet advocate dipping a cotton ball in to the vinegar and adhering it to your body, using tape.  I don’t think this is a great idea because it burns too much.  So….do that at your own risk.  I think just dabbing it is fine enough; I saw progress with it but your mileage may vary.

B. Duct Tape Treatment.  Another cheap method!  I don’t know the science on why this works, and I’ve read people write that “suffocating” the molluscum helps get rid of it.  That explanation leaves me skeptical.  But I did try this, and it DID help A LOT.  I cut duct tape in to small squares, just big enough to cover the molluscum and a tiny bit of skin around it.  You kinda end up looking like a person wearing tracking markers :P

You’re gonna feel silly, but it’s worth it!

I taped them up and left it on all day, until bed time.  Don’t leave it on too long, it gets gross (think of bandaid guck you get around the edges of the bandaid), and c’mon, you should still be showering!  My guess is that this also irritates your skin (via “suffocation?”) and makes your body pay attention to where the molluscum is, the same way the vinegar irritates the area so your body pays attention.  Again, in a few days I saw the papules mature…and since I could leave these on all day without any discomfort, it got to work faster than the vinegar swabbing.  The papules quickly became huge and “mature”.  The one draw back is, if you have any in a hair covered area (pubic hair…or arm hair…or leg hair…etc.) it huuuuurts to rip off the tape!  I was worried at first that it would pop the papule when I ripped it off, but it never did.  Another good thing about this…I had one on my panty-line, which would get irritated by my clothing when I walked.  I had another on the side of my knee that also got irritated by my pants when I walked.  Putting duct tape helped SO MUCH.  I almost ripped one open by accident from my clothes rubbing against them, and didn’t need to worry about that anymore with the duct tape.

C. Imiquimod Topical Medicine.  This is something you need a prescription from a doctor (Dermatologist) for, and it’s REALLY expensive.  I’m not joking.  I have insurance, which paid for more than half of this thing, and it was still $150 out of pocket!  There is no other drug like it that you can legally get as an alternative, thank you patent laws/pharmaceutical exploitation….But you know what?  It’s worth it to get rid of this horrible virus!!  (And Big Pharma knows sufferers will think it’s worth it.  But I digress, no time for a rant).  I split the cost with my boyfriend – he offered to help me pay for it because the price was the only thing holding me back from getting it, and we were sick and tired of having molluscum.  So, I should note that I am lucky and had 7 total papules, that’s it.  Other people get it really bad and have dozens.  Imiquimod comes in little packets, and even splitting 1 packet between me and my boyfriend, we had a lot of extra, which you’re instructed not to save.  It’s funny..this drug is also used for treating other kinds of warts – like HPV/genital warts – and when I asked the Pharmacy tech for my prescription…he dropped his voice to be VERY quiet as he talked to me about my medication!  I’m not that embarrassed about it.  I don’t have herpes.  I didn’t get it from sex.  And even if I did, WHATEVER!  Anyway.  Thought it was kinda funny.  Back to Imiquimod!

It’s a topical cream that – again – stimulates your immune system to pay attention to the area you apply it to.  It may also cause a burning sensation, like the vinegar….but unlike the vinegar, I found it to be way more effective!  It worked way faster.  You apply it the same way – at night, dab a little on to each molluscum papule. They say to do it at night before bed, so you’re less likely to accidentally rub it off by moving around too much.  You are supposed to do it every other night, to give your skin a break from the irritation.  So what I would do is put it on one night, wash it off with a shower in the morning, and then put on the duct tape for the rest of the day.  This double treatment worked amazingly well.  I still wish it wasn’t so expensive to buy Imiquimod, but I’m very happy that I got it.

  1. Surgery, or Cryosurgery.  This is what was one of the options recommended to me by my doctors.  If you don’t have that many, like me, your dermatologist could cut them off with a scalpel.  However, it could result in scarring.  My Gyno actually did this to one of my molluscum papules, so she could biopsy it.  No anaesthesia, you don’t need it for such a quick nick.  I’m no stranger to pain and can handle it, especially after the previous surgeries I had for my mole.  Another thing is Cryosurgery – the Dermatologist will freeze the molluscum and do some more curettage to cut it off your body.  Both surgeries may lead to scarring, and there’ll be some pain.  The more molluscum, the more surface area needs cutterage and freezing, the more pain.  But it seems like my dermatologist thought this method is better to immediately get rid of the papules and deal with a lot of them at a time.  She actually recommended doing both Imiquimod on my own and doing the cryosurgery; the two methods together, she said, will get rid of it quick.  After all the vulvectomies I did last year, I did NOT want this option…so I just took the Imiquimod prescription, not the cryosurgery.
  2. Pop the Molluscum.  I do NOT RECOMMEND this at all!!  I’ve seen on a lot of internet forums that people will do this…they’ll get frustrated that molluscum isn’t going away, and they’ll pop it, squeeze out the “core”, and then thoroughly clean and disinfect the area.  I find this to be dangerous because you could do it wrong and end up spreading it to even more parts of your body.  Proceed at your own risk, I don’t want anything to do with this method.  It was not worth trying to me.


As mentioned earlier, I duct taped during the day and applied Imiquimod every other night.  All 7 disappeared in a month, and nothing new has popped up.  I AM SO HAPPY. <– this is an understatement.

Annnnd, it’s picture time!  Let’s start with some normal looking ones…As you can see, they aren’t matured white-headed ones yet, but they are definitely shaped differently from pimples/ingrown hairs.

Puffy, gross, pink molluscum papule.  Notice it's not tapered at all, it's just this bloated piece of hell attached to skin.

Puffy, gross, pink molluscum papule. Notice it’s not tapered at all, it’s just this bloated piece of hell attached to skin.

This one is starting to mature; the white core is beginning to appear in the very center of it.  This is my boyfriend, not case you're wondering why the skin looks different overall.

This one is starting to mature; the white core is beginning to appear in the very center of it. This is my boyfriend, not me…in case you’re wondering why the skin looks different overall.

It's scabbing over!!!!!!  We're almost healed!

It’s scabbing over!!!!!! We’re almost healed!

End result: CURED!!  Worst case scenario, you will have smooth, infection-free skin, but with a bit of a blemish from the scabbing.  Mine will probably go away almost ripped off my body prematurely so I think that's why it darkened my skin.  All other areas became smooth and unblemished.

End result: CURED!! Worst case scenario, you will have smooth, infection-free skin, but with a bit of a blemish from the scabbing. Mine will probably go away soon…it almost ripped off my body prematurely so I think that’s why it darkened my skin. All other areas became smooth and unblemished.

To anyone who has this annoying, gross affliction, do not panic.  Do not think it’s the end of the world!  Remember that you can beat this, you just need patience, diligence, and if not patience…then some cash.  I highly, highly recommend seeing an actual dermatologist to make sure it really is molluscum and go over the do’s and don’ts with you…I’m NOT a medical professional, just someone who had molluscum and detailed her journey to eliminating it on her personal blog.  Good luck to everyone, YOU CAN BEAT THIS THING!!!



62 thoughts on “How I Beat Molluscum Contagiosum

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience! It is so helpful to hear of other success stories and it definitely provides hope for me. I’ve had molluscum for about a year now, only a few but stubborn spots, but dermatologist appointments are getting so expensive :( I’m going to try the vinegar method tonight. I contracted it from my boyfriend and it has just been horrible dealing with (he also somehow got genital warts, which I thankfully do not have) so it is nice to hear of someone else going through the same situation with a successful ending…If you don’t mind me asking, when did you and your boyfriend decide it was safe to have sex again, and how did you personally deal with the self-esteem/relationship issues that go along with it? I’m so frustrated with my current condition and I have been trying to look for advice, although none of my friends or family are very helpful with the issue. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated! :)

    • Hey! I hope you’re doing well, has the vinegar method helped you? If it’s been a year, you should almost be done with the virus, so that’s good! Just a little more time, hopefully. To answer your question, we would sometimes still have sex when I still had molluscum, but very carefully…nothing rough, avoided friction on the areas with the virus, used condoms. Now, I highly do NOT recommend doing that, especially because I may have been lucky that nothing popped and spread. We did a lot of mutual masturbation in the meantime too, cuz it was easier to make sure we avoided problem areas that way! After about a year of having it, the vinegar, tape, and imiquimod cleared things up in a month for me. My boyfriend luckily didn’t have it in the genital area, so it was great, we finally felt free!!

      But a few weeks later, he noticed a couple on himself, down there :( so we’re actually back to no sex. We tried condoms again but that was a terrible idea, as the friction causes little tears and made it spread a little on himself. You said your bf got genital warts, and I highly recommend you don’t try sex…maybe stick with mutual masturbation..because you really don’t wanna catch that. Imiquimod is also prescribed for people with genital warts, but it’s so harsh that mine warns not to put it on labia. Your doctor will know how to proceed if that happens, all I can say is that will make it complicated and suck a lot more. Stay strong, you can do this! Diligence now means freedom later :)

      • Hey so I currently only have 2 visible mc bumps in my genital area that I was freezed by the derma 3 days ago. They’re not off completely. I have covered them after I got it frozen I covered anything that possibly looks like it could turn into it a bump with duct tape/medical tape. They are covered at all times except when I change them. I’m TERRIFIED of it spreading so I’m taking extra precautions. I’m lucky it’s only 2 real ones right now :( I’m so scared. I don’t know at what point they start to be contagious so I’m covering anything that is slightly red/white/raised. I’m going back to the derma bc one of the frozen ones have not fallen off yet and I want it to be scraped. i’m scared she’ll tell me they’re nothing to worry about and have me uncover them and then it ends up spreading. Hopefully she can freeze them and prescribe imiquimod :-(

      • Hello hon. I’m so sorry to hear that you caught this miserable virus. I have been battling it for 16 months now. It feels like I am going to die with this crap. You are very lucky to have caught it so quick and are able to cover each one. I am very neurotic and kept attacking each one too but eventually t became to much on my chest and I got a rash from all of the band aids. I must say over time it has gotten better in terms of the number and the size of the bumps. Possibly over time my body is building a defense who knows. I’d say since you don’t have many keep them covered. I think mine tend to spread in the shower so possibly water proof bandages would be best. unfortunately now my girlfriend had it on her lower back. We have no idea how it got there possibly from our bed sheets. Even though I’m anal and change those almost everyday. Hopefully now we won’t pass this back and forth for what seems like could be the rest of my life. This virus may not be physically harmful but it is definitely mentally harmful. Good luck. Keep me posted

  2. Thank you for this blog, I have had this mc for over 2 years now, I am completely frustrated, any advice? I’ve tried everything, even allergy medicine at the highest dosage possible that created suicidal thoughts, doctor took me off that right away. Did the tea tree oil that just made the suckers go from a centimeter to a dime size and caused it to go Izard towards my body. Tried wart remover and it did tha same thing. I am very healthy, active and practice yoga patience and am very calm but I think it’s time for this to be over. I recently meet a guy I like and I wonder how I will tell him that I have this. It scares me from having any sort of relationship with anyone as I don’t want to give this to anyone. I go bi-monthly to the doctors to get them burned off. Each time she tells me it’s getting better, however it is not going away…any advice on how to share this with a new guy?

    • Hey all I wanted to come back to give an update. It’s been a long time since my first post but as of a couple months ago I am molluscum free!!! I am so happy and relieved, although I still keep a watchful eye out. Imiquimod cream is what really helped me, if you can get some I highly recommend! I was doing the nitro freeze thing but then my doc finally said let’s try something else…
      There is hope for all of us! You CAN beat it for good, it may just take ALOT of patience, so try to view it as a character-building process. Besides treatment, pay attention to always using clean towels and bed sheets, get as healthy as possible (eat healthy, quit smoking, sleep right, excercise) this well help your body fight the virus naturally. Worrying about your looks and self-esteem will only make it worse, lord knows I was a victim of that. Yes, molluscum affected my self-esteem and sex life with my partner, but if you are with a good guy or girl, they will help you along, be patient with you, and will try to be understanding. One positive thing out of all of this, is that my boyfriend and I learned to communicate much more deeply and openly, I finally knew for sure he loved me for more than just my body, and we found so many new ways to be intimate. I am not typically an optimistic person, but there is a silver lining to any cloud! We have been together over 3 and 1/2 years now, about 2 and 1/2 dealing with my molluscum or his hpv, yet we found a way through it!

      At some point I honestly thought the bumps would never go away, but I kept up with the healing process and I beat it!! You guys can too! Sending hope and encouragement to all :)

  3. The real horror story isn’t when you have 1 or 10… It’s when you start with 3 and a week later have 20 and a few days later, 75 total. Any entire left leg was riddled with them. It was horrible. Tons of research. I can tell you that the Apple cider vinegar treatment works. I did it differently. I cut cotton balls up very small. Soaked them in the vinigar and used electrical tape over the bump. I’m told to do 2-3 at a time. Yeah right. I did them all. It took about an hour. I wore it for about 5 hours. It is an acid. It burns. It hurts. But it works. It took 3 weeks to get into the dermatologist. They gave me .1% tretinoin (retinol) to try. Use on new ones. Not the acv treated ones. It works. Very well. It dries them up. I still used the acv to kill new ones and the retinol to make it go away faster. I also have a prescription for aldera cream that I never used. The worst part is it was all over my left leg mostly. I ended up with a few on each arm a little on the right leg and it moved to my butt and now my vagina. Retinol can’t be used there. So I’m having to let it run its course.
    Another thing I’ve been doing is taking Tagament. Yeah the acid reducer. It has a chemical called cimetidine in it and study shows that 10 out of 13 people who took this cleared their bumps. 40mg a day. The beast of it is it only comes in 200mg tablets. Have fun breaking that tiny tab into 4s.
    Shaving makes it worse. Towels spread it. Touching it spreads it. And they hate water. Like gremlins. When mine got wet they opened and enlarged. It’s been about 5 weeks now and my body is fighting it. I get one here and there but they are tiny and go away with the retinol treatment. I’m left with horrid marks on my leg that I treat with lotion and vitamin e oil. But they aren’t fully healed. The scars. They are still processing.
    Now. Listen to this. When I first encountered it. I did online research and diagnosed myself. I was 10000% sure it was molluscum. The first dr I saw said it wasn’t moluscum because only adults with hiv get this.. And children. Nice right? What a guy. And had me get a test, which was negative, but I had to wait the results. The fear!! And the second doctor said yes, it was mc, and there was nothing I could do. It would go away on its own. 4 weeks to 18 months. Some people up to 5 years. If it was one or two bumps.. Perhaps we leave them be. I was riddled with a SEVERE case. Getting worse everyday. All in all I ended up with about 100 total. And I cried a lot.
    I myself suspect it was gym equipment. It started in the crease of my left leg and then exploded. I’d been sick for a while, my immune system was down and it attacked me.

    Cure. Yes. There is.

    1. Time.
    2. Apple cider vinigar, cotton balls, electrical tape. 5 hours a day.
    3. After they mostly healed. Rentinol.
    4. Cimetidine (Tagament). Why? Basically it is a histamine blocker and it blocks the virus.
    5. Rememeber it’s a virus. It’s inside and there is nothing you can do but nurture it and go slow.
    It worked for me and I had a severe case.

  4. The dosage of Tagamet (cimetidine) given to molluscum patients involved in the study Angie referenced above was not 40 mg per day TOTAL. Rather, it was 40 mg PER KILOGRAM OF WEIGHT per day, which was an extremely high dose. All were pediatric patients, and the course of treatment was two months. The kids with eczema saw better benefits with this treatment, which is why we put my 7-year-old daughter with eczema on Tagamet immediately when she was diagnosed five months ago. We tried one pill (200 mg) per day, which didn’t seem effective, but upping it to two pills a day (400 mg) a couple of months ago seems to have done the trick — or it could be the fact that we started picking at the lesions with a needle about that time, then dabbing them with a tea-tree-oil-and-iodine mix or a clove-oil-and-iodine mix once a day. The ones that we got a core out of resolved in less than a week, and the ones we bloodied a bit but couldn’t get a core out of resolved within a couple of weeks. No scars. (We had tried the tea-tree-oil-and-iodine mix without bloodying the lesions first, but that didn’t seem to be doing anything.) I’m declaring her molluscum free today, knock on wood.

  5. did this process of immunoquid and duct tape also work for your boyfriend? I hear about so many hit or misses depending on the person, but if this worked for both it is promising. I also have no idea how i got this. I believe from a pool on vacation in st maarten. That great weeks was not worth the last 4 months of tears and fear. I have been doing the apple cider vinegar it does kill the mc but it also really irritates my skin along with any bandaid or tape but i’ll deal with that to get these gone. I unfortunately had this for maybe a month before i knew what it was and used the same towel and continued to shave so i have since spread it to my chest. I feel like the initial area is almost clear but now I’m dealing with my chest which is even more troublesome because its hard to decipher a pimple from a new mc and its starting to become unable to hide. Please let me know if this also worked for your boyfriend. I received a prescription and will pay anything if i think i will have success.

    • Hi Sarah! I’m sorry you’re going through this, they so emotionally exhausting, nevermind the physical part of it! Imiquimod did work well for me and I’m happy I gave it a shot, despite the high price tag. I think it was worth it because I also felt like the money is nothing compared to finally being free of it. My boyfriend took some of my prescription and used it too, and it worked on him as well! You definitely need to follow the instructions about how you should go easy on your skin — give your body time to rest, it really can irritate your skin just like vinegar if you do consecutive days. My boyfriend tried doing consecutive days because he got impatient and it almost seemed like…chemical burn?? But if you follow directions and give your skin time inbetween applications, it’s been great for both of us. I actually got diagnosed with HPV some months ago (ANOTHER THING, ugh!) and had to use another imiquimod prescription for that. It worked well that time too.

      I do think it’s a good idea to try the imiquimod route before doing something even more expensive and intensive to your body, such as that cryo stuff or surgery. It seems to be the least invasive, cheapest, and painless option.

  6. Hi,
    A big Thank you for creating this web page. I had Molluscum on my Pubic area for 6 Months now. I just had liquid nitrogentreatment done, i only had done twice. Which is not helping a lot. I will try imiquimod cream now. Can you please give me any more suggestion to get rid of this Molluscum?


    • Hello laksh
      I have been battling for six months as well. It’s such a stressful virus which has taken a toll on me emotionally. I must say that I did get a perscription but at a last ditch effort I heard about dr wheatgrass spray and cream. I only avoided the prescription due to the side effects but I would have done it if this did not work for me. You can purchase it in the us through grass factor. I have had great luck with this. I use the spray and the cream. I haven’t had any new ones on my gentitals for over a month and if it looks like one may start I make sure to focus on that area and it’s gone in a day or two. I however had spread it to my chest before I knew I had it. I have a few pop up but also they are gone within a day or two. I finally feel like I’m nearing the end of this bullshit. I will never take my health for granted ever again. You can also read testimonials on the website. And I haven’t written the dr that created the cream and his company responded very quickly. I hope this helps. I had tried tea tree w no luck. Earlier whe. I had around 12 or so I did use apple cider with plasters this did kill them however I do have a few scars Which hopefully will go away. I don’t feel like explaining that to my next partner. Good luck. You’re not alone I know it feels like you are.

  7. Hi Sarah,
    I can exactly understand your feeling, even i am going through same. Just today i saw Molluscum bumps appearing as skin flakes, i only applied Tea Tree oil once. Dose this mean Molluscum bumps are scrubbing off? I am not sure weather its Tea Tree oil effect or naturally the my body is now reacting.


    • I noticed that as well w tea tree. I’m not sure what it was. I think it’s very drying and was almost like a eczema. It never made them go away for me. I’ve actually heard it can help kill small beginning ones but I just had more pop up. I had better luck w the apple cider vinegar and also something called molludab from the uk. You should do research. However I used those in the beginning when it was worse. Now my body is fighting them. The wheatgrass has completely changed my skin and if they seem to pop up they just disappear. Believe me I tried everything. There was nothing stopping my pursuit. It’s so miserable. Just be persistent. You’re body will beat it. Check out the molludab reviews on Amazon and the dr wheatgrass.

      • I never considered wheatgrass before, thanks to you I’m reading more about its effects as an immune modulator and it’s all really interesting…even though I’ve cleared molluscum from my body, my immune system is pretty crummy so I could still use something like this. I’ve heard of people drinking wheatgrass but never paid them much mind before.

      • I have been taking the wheatgrass shots as well. His are more concentrated than typical wheatgrass shots. Since you have immune issues you should definitely give it a go. It’s not cheap to buy bit of your only using it once a day it should last you awhile. Right now I’m using it about three times a day cause I want to make sure to wipe this out completely. I have always battled dry skin and immune skin issues such as hives so it’s no surprise that when I came into contact with this virus that I got it u like most adults that are immune. I still have no idea how I got it since my partner at the time did not have it. I still believe it was from a towel or pool In st Maarten. But I may never know. I def will have PTSD after this is over. No more public pools for me and I will be bringing my own towel on vacations lol. You both will be pleased with the cream and spray my ski. Has never felt better.

  8. Hi Sara,

    I am glad your body is now reacting to the virus. I’ve ordered Dr Wheatgrass Spray and cream, i will give a try. Thanks for your advice.


    • Good luck and keep me posted. It’s nice to see and hear that people beat this. For awhile I saw no end and had a really defeated attitude which doesn’t help. I finally had to remind myself that it could be much worse. Easier said than done when it steals your self confidence, your sex life and pretty much my social life for awhile. I told a very small group of friends and they were great at keeping me up and still making me feel good. You sure find out who you’re true friends are

      • Hi Sarah,

        My M bumps started scare off without using anything. One of them has red spot in centre. Dose it mean it’s healing now??

      • Hi laksh. I’m not quite sure without seeing it. Did you mean scab? Typically if they scan that means they are dying off. That’s a very good sign. Some people say there’s just got smaller and went away. I’ve heard both. If they all started scanning at once it sounds like ur immune system recognized it and is wiping it out. Let’s hope that’s the case. I’m still get a couple here and there but they seem to die off quickly. I’m hoping they just stop appearing. This is sooo annoying. I just want to not wash my hands 8000 times a day in fear of spreading.l amongst many other annoying things I have to do with this crap.

  9. Hi Sarah,
    I started using wheatgrass, I pray it works for me. Is there any risk of spreading MC to other parts of body when I use wheatgrass spary or cream?

    • When I first started I just used the spray to avoid rubbing and touching. I still only use that on my genital area because it’s easiest and it worked like a charm and I’ve been free there for weeks. How for some reason when I started using the cream on my chest I noticed even more of an improvement. It’s a bit more moisturizing which I know they say is bad but I ad dried my skin out so much due to being scared to moisturize it was a mess and I couldn’t tell what was beginning molluscum or just dry skin. If you only have on your genitals I say start with the spray. You can use the cream on your hands which I’m sure are a mess like mine from washing them so much. Good luck and keep me posted.

  10. Hi Sarah,

    Three of my bumps started scaring, meanwhile i found a tiny spot. Do you think my body is still not reacting ?

    • Hello laksh. It could take weeks for this to work. He said kids usually average 8 weeks where adults are quicker. I am still getting little ones as well but they go away quick. I just can’t wait for them to be gone all together. The sr told me they tend to get worse before they give up.

  11. Hi Sarah,

    Hope you are recover going well. I have good news!! Dr Wheatgrass worked like magic, less than three weeks M bumps near pubic are gone, i had no more bumps on my body. I am glad i visited this webpage and took your suggestions. Thank you jellifishie for creating this page.

    • Hello laksh. I’m so glad to hear. It really is amazing. You have actually beat me to the other side mine go away within days still but unfortunately it’s putting up a fight. I still keep getting new little ones. I’m hoping it’s still around the corner for me. I’m so happy for you. This just made my day. I am lucky that I met an amazing partner with this and she had been more than understanding and isn’t half as afraid of catching it as I would be. We obviosly have taken precautions but I’m glad that you can date carefree now.

  12. Thank you so much jelliefishie for creating this post and sharing your story! I have been dealing with MC for about 9 months now. I have been to the gyno 3 times for removal of them which is a bit painful. Aside from stressing and praying about when they will finally stop coming back, I am more concerned with where I picked this up from. I was in a very long relationship with a boyfriend who went into the military just a few years ago, I fear that he picked something up from there. I shared with him what was going on and told him to check himself but he insists he has no bumps of this kind “down there”. It sucks not being able to shave or having to decline offers of going in hot tubs this past summer due to this embarrassing reason :( I recently have decided to try the tea tree oil remedy, I’m about 4 days into it so I will see if this helps at all. I read previous comments about a Dr Wheatgrass spray/cream so I am considering that as well. I also have a pretty crappy immune system, so it was no surprise to me when reading that weak immune systems can prevent speedy/lasting recovery from this. I pray that this will be able to be treated and beat once and for all very soon!!

    • Hey Delaney,
      I went through same stress like you, but i can assure you this will go away soon, once this is gone you will not even remember this pain. I started using Dr Wheatgrass spary, i saw results in three weeks time. I strongly recommend this product. My doctor made it very clear to me Molluscum appear near pubic area in adults. This dose not mean this is STI. I got this from hot tub, as your BF do not have this, you may have got from other sources not skin contract. Trust me this will soon go, use DR W.
      Good Luck!

  13. I’m not sure how long I’ve had this, but when the bumps became noticeable (I have seven now, I think) I thought it was HPV because I only had them around my genital area, I thought I had cancer, I thought I had to leave my boyfriend before I gave it to him, and holy cow I cried over it- and then I would make myself forget about it for a few more weeks.
    Well, last month, after what I think to be 8+ months of having them, I finally went in for a full screening. And the nurse looked at them for all of 10 seconds for declaring it molluscum, and explained that even toddlers get it and it’s not considered an STD and should go away within the year.

    Well, I’m impatient to say the least. I keep thinking “oh, it’s been a long time, they’ll run their course soon” but then I look at them in the mirror and take a blow to my self esteem, or get annoyed that I can’t shave. I also worry that my boyfriend may get it, although we’ve been together for over a year now and he’s shown no signs, so maybe he’s already immune?

    ANYWAYS, I’ve tried a bunch of silly things, and earlier this evening I gave up all of the ointments and such and just popped four of them on one side as an experiment. I did the whole “digging the cores out” thing. And I’m really, really scared it will just spread more, but at the same time, they’ve been diligent and haven’t matured or gone away for months until my boyfriend literally ripped one off like a zit and that one went away.. So I guess I’m just being hopeful, despite the risk. I’ll also work on boosting my immune system, and staying as sterile and clean as absolutely possible.
    Thank you for this post. :) I’ll try to keep you updated.

  14. Hi Sarah,
    Sorry for going radio silent, I was travelling for last couple of weeks. I used Spray. Also I found from my health club, they were more people affected like me who used Jacuzzi. According to my doctor adults get Molluscum near pubic area and children get near chest and arms area. This gave me a big relief. I am confident you will be soon free from Molluscum too. Happy New Year!

  15. Hello everyone. I have been battling this as well for 9 months unfortunately I got mine Ina pool on vacation where I continued to wear my molluscum bathing suit all week without one hot wash. Therefore I have this wonderful virus on my chest back of neck and was previously on my gential area. I have noticed since it was widespread I couldn’t really deal wth them individually. When I first had the virus they were large and woukd last months. I can tell it’s getting weaker since now they are the size of a pin tip and go away in a few days. Unfortunately my body hasn’t completely killed it yet so new ones appear. Hopefully I’ll be rid of this within the next couple months. The wheatgrass spray is a godsend. It makes your skin immunity increase. Tea tree did not do anything for me but dry my skin out and make everyone smell me from a mile away. Please give the spray or lotion a try and try to
    Focus on the fact that it’s not painful or harmful physically just emotionally. Thankfully my partner is amazing and she doesn’t mind my hairy legs!! And laksh I’m so glad to hear you are still molluscum free. You finally beat it.

    • Hello Sarah! Any update on how you are doing? I was just diagnosed with this about a month ago (most likely from a public bathroom, ew!) and it has taken quite a huge emotional toll on me, it is really encouraging to read all of these stories as it reassures me that I am not alone!

      • Holly I have had this for an entire year. I am still using thr spray on my ge its area which has still remained clear however I keep getting new ones on my chest and upper legs. It’s such a pain in the ass. About two weeks ago I started using zymaderm. It kills them in about three days. I put it on a soon as I see a little red bump form and in a day I can notice it shrinking and it’s gone within three days typically. However I still keep strong new ones. I’ve tried everything internally to boost my immune system but this shot evades it by producing a protein that makes it invisible to hot immune system. Somehow it will notice it at some point but it’s draining as hell. I am still with my same partner and it appears she is either immune or if a strange bump appears on her she just assumes it’s nothing and it usually does go away. I definitely have PTSD from this and assume every bump on me and her is molluscum. It’s def caused me to question ever single bump. I have no clue of I have an ingrown hair. A pimple or new molluscum. This virus is draining as hell

      • Hollie i felt so alone as well. I only told a few close friends and was living some random hell that most people didn’t even know existed. I felt disgusting and felt like every movement was going to spread this crap everywhere. For some reason i developed it wide spread, i believe I got it from a pool in st maarten so i kept wearing my bathing suit all week with just a daily rinse. As we know now that is not enough to kill this and i just kept exposing my body over and over again. My genital area cleared in 6 months however the rest of my body just keeps sprouting new ones. I have tried everything inside and out and its hard to not feel like you are fighting a losing battle. Over the year i have been able to stay up better than the first 6 months. I could barely eat when i was first diagnosed and watching my vagina get covered was so depressing and discouraging. I cleared that area mainly with apple cider vinegar but this did some scarring which has healed but over trial and error Ive learned that zymaderm is much better and I still use the wheatgrass spray as well. I figure it if won’t hurt me why not. Tea tree did absolutely nothing for me. Try not to let this control you. I did exactly that for 6 months.. Looking back now what waste. i actually began a relationship during this outbreak. I was mortified to tell her since we met as strangers and only went on a few dates. I knew I had to explain my physical distance eventually so on the third date I told her and she didn’t care at all. She wasn’t even worried about getting it. She was so compassionate and never made me feel gross or contagious. When I got diagnosed I never would have guessed something great like this would have happened to me. We are still together and despite being irritated with me mentioning molluscum on the daily and having my morning and nightly rituals (WHICH I CAN NOT wait to be done with) and having a different razor for every part of my body, she really is a patient gem. I felt so alone and I wanted very badly to even have a support group to tell their stories or ask them questions. If you want to talk through email write me back on here and send me your email. I feel like a pro on molluscum at this point. I have read everything and anything about it. Some people are lucky and everything scabs at once when their immune system finally notices it and attacks it so for them they don’t have to worry about random future bumps..but a lot of people battle each one and look and wait. Unfortunately I think this will be my ending. Once again you are not alone. WHY at 36 I got this and not at 6 i will never know.

  16. My daughter is suffering from molluscum. She literally has hundreds of ‘spots’ covering her bottom, legs and now moving up her body and onto her arms. We have tried everything over the last six months, but they just keep spreading. It’s also caused her eczema to flair up, which is causing her a lot of discomfort. We have a dermatologist appointment coming up in a few weeks so fingers crossed they can help!

    Thank you for your information!

    • Emma I’m so sorry you are dealing with this awful virus. I am on my 10th month. I UNlike most adults who get it in one area I have gotten it everywhere like most kids. I just keep praying that eventually my body will kill it. I can’t imagine two years with this. I can say that over the months mine are drastically smaller. Most people wouldn’t even notice them if they were exposed. Hopefully this means it is getting weaker. Have you noticed such is the case for your daughter? I’ve heard the wheatgrass sprAY works great for kids that have this and excema together. I would give the dr wheatgrass spray a try. I use it every morning and night. My bumps don’t get big and they go away much quicker some days. Some a couple weeks. However I still keep getting them like your daughter. I just keep telling myself I won’t be an 80 year old w molluscum. Eventually it will go away. I take major precautions to avoid spreading to my face. I have some on the back of my neck so I sleep w a hoodie so I don’t get anything on my pillow case and then my face touches it. People who don’t have this virus have no idea how lucky they are. Good luck and most likely the dr will tell you to wait it out. Doesn’t hurt to try the spray IF anything it will help w her excema.


  17. I couldn’t tell if it was molluscum or razor burn so I picked at it once with my nail and it bled immediately, can I rule out molluscum? I’d assume molluscum would be more stubborn?

  18. I’ve been treating mine with apple cider vinegar for nearly two weeks, and the original bunch are dead while most of the second batch that appeared are on their way out. My question is this – how do you differentiate young, beginning molluscum from regular hair follicles or pimples?? I’m becoming somewhat paranoid that every tiny bump (especially if it’s redder/irritated, ‘pearlier,’ or even somewhat darker than the surrounding ones) is a budding molluscum spot! Gah. I can’t just vinegar my entire thigh, because that stuff burns (although it’s working well for me). Any advice? I’m hoping to see my family doctor in a few days, but so far most doctors I’ve seen haven’t been very helpful with this condition.

    • THE STORy of my life hannah. Is it or isn’t it. Apple cider work for me but did a number on my skin so i stopped. I have since used zymaderm and this is quick and easy. I just put it on every bump and treat them like they’re molluscum. I worry about contaminating the healthy skin but so far no issues. Not sure if its because there is iodine in it and it kills the virus. Give this a shot so you’re not killing your skin. I have some hideous scars from a couple i used apple cider on. They look like brown round spots. Good luck and keep me posted

  19. I this awful skin condition and I’m using zymaderm, it is working for me I apply it twice a day morning and night, and it’s starting to fade, the larger ones are starting to scab over this horrible thing has distroyed my confidence but luckily my partner has been very supportive

    I don’t know how I first caught it but when I first noticed it I had maybe three and scratched them not knowing what they were and ended up with over 100 on my arms, tummy, shoulders and foot

    Another thing I found is that no one will do your hair or make up while you have this, you also should avoid shaving or waxing as this can make it spread

    • I started zymaderm as well about two weeks ago. I’ve had this for over a year now. It hs gotten much better. My genital area has been clear but I still have small new ones popping up on my chest and upper legs. The zymaderm seems to dry them out or they just disappear. If only I would stop getting new ones if finally be over this. Plus I have no idea what’s a new molluscum and maybe just a pimple or ingrown hair. This virus is evil. I’ve luckily had a very supportive partner as well.

  20. This site has been so helpful; I must have reread it 50 times so far. I have been battling molluscum for about 4 months and I have absolutely no idea where it came from, which fuels my newfound anxiety about germs in the world. After having been declared free from it (NP misdiagnosed several spots as folliculitis) I am now additionally concerned that I spread it to my boyfriend. It is frustrating that few people understand what I’m going through (feeling gross and dirty, the anxiety with every new bump, the hopelessness, stress at a lack of physical intimacy). If one more family member tells me that it is no big deal I might lose it. Sarah, I am wondering how you are doing? Would love to talk to more folks and hopefully help one another through this.

    • Hi Tracy. Omg do I relate my family continues to say the same thing. THey actually had me convinced that I was crazy and frantic but no one understands the way this changes your lifestyle. I have had this now for 16 months and my routine before bed, after and during shower and just changing and moving about life is different and time consuming. I mean I have a different razor for each leg, one for my underarms and one for my girl area. I do this just in case one pops up that I don’t spread it to other parts of my body. Right now I am only dealing w it on my chest. I have cleared my genitals, my legs and my back. I just can’t wait to not fear my skin anymore and tk just have carefree intimacy. Now that j have given this to my girlfriend I have to worry about passing it back and forth. I mean what if I finally do beat this thing and then I get it back, or she beats it and I give t back to her. We actually try to find some humor in it and have funny names for our armor of pjs that we wear now to keep the sheets from infecting other areas. This blog definitely helped me in realizing I wasn’t the only person older than 10 with this shit. One last word of advice. Every dermatologist sucked and either told me it will go away in six month or that I was a hypochondriac and it was just folliculitis or pimples. THey don’t have a fucking clue. They actually gave me a steroid to rub all over “my acne” which only spread t worse. 16 months later thanks for the help. Please keep me posted. If you want or need someone to talk to we can exchange emails. Early in I just wanted to connect w someone going through the same thing. I felt so alone. So id love to help anyone who feels that way now. At this point this crap has just become a part of my life and I’ve learned to live with it. Good luck.

      • Hi everyone. I’m so happy that I stumbled across this site! Thanks to the original poster, Jelliefishie, for setting it up. And Sarah thanks so, so much for all your encouraging words and advice. I’ve been battling this virus for awhile now and I’ve told no one – not one friend, not one family member, not one single person. I’ve kept it to myself because I’m just so embarrassed about it. I’ve tried everything under the sun to get ride of it. Right now, I’m at the stage where I still have tiny red spots appearing and I can’t tell if they are molluscum or pimples or just skin irritation from all the things I’m trying. Sometimes there’s a white core and sometimes not. (Last night, I found one with a white core, but it didn’t really look like a molluscum…so frustrating!) I actually laughed out loud when I read your post about smelling the tea tree oil from a mile away – omg I was so afraid my co-workers would smell it! (At one point I was using Liquid Band-aid, and I was afraid people would smell that, too lol!) I haven’t tried the wheatgrass, yet, so maybe I’ll try that next.
        So again thank you so much for this post, and for making me feel less alone. :)
        Hang in there, to all!

  21. hi Guys,
    here is the new molluscum member, anyway I have been battling it for 11-12 months now. İ read lots of things about apple cider vinegir or tea tree oil or something else, i just went to a doctor and he suggest lazer and i did it once in a month , generally 2 or 3 new bumps grown in a month , i just wondering which one is good ? lazer or alternative things, lazer is expencive but it sound more effective then others, do you guys any advice to me. and my second question is im really really wondering one day is it pass ? do you know or meet someone who win the molluscum ? thanks

  22. I think this is my 6th or 7th time visiting this site. I’ve had molluscum on my genital area for about three or four months and it has been so exhausting mentally and physically. I haven’t felt like I can initiate any kind of relationship with someone and just have been fighting this stupid thing. My derm finally froze what we thought was the last one off, but now I’m seeing two bumps… my derm previously said they were just my skin but now I’m not so sure. Do you guys have any suggestions on how you differentiate between “just skin” and new lesions popping up?

    • Oh kim if thats not the question of my life. Is it or isn’t it? As most of you know from reading this blog I have had this SCUM for almost 19 months now. I think my body is going for the guinness record in how long a healthy adult can have this stupid virus. Im still only dealing with this on my chest which i can say for my situation has been a lot easier on my mental health than when I had it on my vagina, since it can’t limit my sexual relationship completely. However, i still have to deal with weather a bump can show with a lower cut shirt and of course the daily is it spreading and will i manage to reinoculate that area. They are still very small in comparison to the beginning of having this virus. My partner wants me to just give up any attempts at trying to knock this out but wether it is my OCD or what I can not give up the fight. I am still using the wheatgrass spray and the Zymaderm which seems to keep it at bay. I now pour about half a bottle of the zymaderm into the wheatgrass spray so that oil is dispersed everywhere on my chest as well, in hopes to keep them from popping up. I don’t know if it has helped or not but I fear if I stop it will pick up the pace and the size again. I do have to say I have kept molluscum on the back burner and not let it control my life anymore. I treat it in the morning and right before bed and try not to think about it or look at it for the rest of the day. I felt just like you Kim in that I couldn’t start any type of relationship and that was probably the most crushing of all. Having this as an adult really hinders your lifestyle and messes with your self esteem. I finally gave up that mentality and started dating and met someone I really liked and though I wanted to puke I let her know before we were intimate and be it because I am gay and she was a girl, she was very compassionate and supportive. I wouldn’t give up on dating. I think there are some great guys out there that would be very supportive. In terms of is it a new bump or not. If you only have a few Id suggest keeping them covered with duct tape. Therefore they can’t spread and create new ones, and many people had luck with this irritating them enough to go away. I just had so many i couldn’t do that and I’m allergic to any sort of tape or bandaid and this made my skin look and feel even worse. Good Luck Kim!!!

  23. Really great article. This is a terrible virus!!!
    I would like to share my story of this virus also:

    I got molluscum and didn’t know what is was until I popped one and more came out. This made me go to a dermatologist and he told me it was molluscum. Then I did my own research and wanted to find out from where I got it. I’ve only been sexually active with my girlfriend for last 2 years so I know it’s not from her. I narrowed it down to a sauna I went to and used their towels. An other place that you can get it from are cheap motels and even hotels when you sleep on a contagious bedsheets or use a contagious towel. For some reason my first battle with Molluscum lasted about a month. During that month I tried everything. It was really frustrating because it was in my groin area. So no sex because I didn’t want to spread it. So I tried popping them, more came out. I used rubbing alcohol. Hydrogen peroxide. Salicytic acid. Cortisone. Some home made stuff. A topical antiviral gel cream. Apple cider vinegar. The whole lot. Eventually in about a month all of them turned red then skin turned dark brown and eventually came off. So I really don’t know which method helped the most because I was trying everything desperately. It left some dis coloring for a while but I was so happy the virus went away. But for some reason, 2 months later, the molluscum returned in the same area but on the other side.

    This is my advice to all suffering from Molluscum. Tell yourself that you will kill it and get rid of it. You need to believe this very strongly and your body will fight this. This time when I got the molluscum I told myself everyday that I will get rid of this fast. This time the only remedy I used was OLIVE OIL. Take a cotton swab dip it in olive oil and rub the affected area directly. Then let it air dry before putting clothes on. I did this at night. But also continued in the morning. I put olive oil there and covered the area with a paper towel and then put on clothes. I know the paper towel absorbs some of the olive oil but that’s ok. This seemed to work great for me. In one week the molluscum was completely gone.

    I recommend this to everyone. It’s a safe and natural method. OLIVE OIL. This will also leave your skin nice and smooth.

    Also remember to be mentally strong and keep telling your body to kill this virus and get rid of it.

  24. HI! I contracted molluscum from this girl I was seeing at the time about 7-8 months ago. It was all over my pube area not on my actually genitals thank god. I went up on my lower abdomen a litle past my bell button(there were few at this height though). At first when i noticed them(didn’t know what it was at the time) I freaked out and for some reason thought it was a good to shave my pubes; worst idea ever… They spread all over my bush area, there were some many in that small area that there were just patches of molluscum all over my bush and on the very base of my shlong. The doctor suggested at first to freeze them off with liquid nitrogen and this left a bunch of very dark scars(and I’m white), This didn’t work as well as I’d hopes as some of them that were frozen off just came back and some didn’t. Now I’ve gone through 2 rounds of using this stuff called conyline(doctor said I’m literally poisoning my skin) and it has worked mostly, there was one small “patch of molluscum that kept going away but then reappearing (but it has been gone fore about 2 months now and the patch doesn’t like like it’s coming back). I’m on my 3rd round of this condyline stuff and i’ve gone through one week out of four 3 days out of the week using it before bed and they have all disapeared except for 2 in my pubes and 4 all around my belly button and they’re all super small, I have to really look to find em every time, and they’ve all been they the entire time, a few of these 6-7 molluscus have gone away but then come back and a few never disapeared dispite being burned with liquid nitrogen and poisoned with condyline for months. What can I do to get rid of the last stubborn ones??

    • have you tried putting a little piece of cotton soaked in apple cider on them. you put it directly on the bump and then get a water proof bandaid and leave it on for 12 hours. I used the nexcare waterproof ones. Just make sure when your putting the cotton on you place it and keep your hand still not to move the cotton and wipe the clean healthy skin with the cotton that touched the bump. This should kill them. Sometimes it take three times for it to finally kill it. usually the bump turns white, then brown and then black. Thats what I did for any that last awhile and ended up maturing. It will finally scab and then heal.

  25. This has been so helpful to read, probably the most informative and helpful i’v come across on the internet so far.
    It’s not me suffering but my beautiful little 3 year old :( she has them around her eye and the Doctor can’t do anything.
    I’m not sure if I can do the vinegar on her as it will probably sting her being in such a delicate area.
    Good news is the biggest one seems to be coming to the end of its cycle as it’s starting to scab and thank fully she only seems to have 6 so I’m preying more don’t appear. We are being careful not to spread the infection.
    Every time I look at them she asks me “are they bad Mum” :( it breaks my heart

    • I know zymaderm is safe around the eye it says just to be careful of the run off not getting in the eye. I would also try the wheatgrass spray.

      • Thank-you i’v been doing a lot of research on Zymaderm and Molludab the last few days, think I’m gonna give Zymaderm a go as it sounds like the best option.
        Another one has started to scab but it looks like the core is hanging out so looks like a massive crusty whitehead on her eye lid! Her right eye looks terrible this week but at least they are crusting.

  26. Just want to start by saying it helps a lot to know all of us have the same issue, so I unfortunately have/had molluscum my penis for about 5 an 1/2 months now, had sex with my girlfriend and now she has her very first bump… so I’ve done it all, been on amazon searching for a wonder medication, IE zymaderm,antiviral lotions, apple vinegar, even spent $$ on garlic, an oregano supplements hoping i would build up my immune system. I have been in and out of my dermatologist office, where he freezes them off every three weeks. Now my bumps never got a white core because i would frantically search everyday for more. Needless to say they show up just as soon as the recovered from freezing them. I was prescribed podofilox,similar to imoq/where its an irritant to spark a immune response, it seems to really really burn my skin and proves ineffective. so with all that being said, I decided to take matters into my own hands… i went to a local pharmacy, purchased a wart remover kit with freezing nitrogen. it comes with plenty sterile applicators with different sizes and i purchased sterile gloves went home set up a light and used a really fine tip applicator. Froze anything and everything that even remotely resembled a raised bump, now yes it hurts but only for a few moments, now remember this is on my genitals, an usually 1-3 bumps at a time. Now i must admit i went medieval on them the first go around, followed by bruising an scabbing of the area. Well i have only one this twice in a two month span an I have little to no scaring, and have not seen one bump for 4 weeks now. So I’m not telling you this is a fissure cure all, but seems to work out with my case, and i know my boat isn’t completely out of the water just yet as we all know molluscum tends to have a incubating life of about 2-6 weeks. Now as for my girlfriend she had one evil bump on her upper left thigh, so she came over and we froze that little sucker, and placed a spot bandaid over it an let it heal.Two weeks later she has no molluscum to be found.

  27. I’m absolutely miserable. You all seem so lucky to have partners. I’m single and have developed this. I have about 40 on my backside and have been fully struggling with it for the past 4 months and can track the first few back to over a year ago.

    My Dr misdiagnosed and told me they were benign bumps and to loofah thoroughly!!! Sooo naturally I ended up with heaps more, I also shaved and spread them. Then he gave me a cream I reacted to. I got cryo and those spots have left angry red scarring. I’ve also been using tretinoin ReTrieve cream and still I’m getting more, it works but slowly and by the time they are starting to heal more have come. I tried using tape but found it pulled the scabs off and then seemed to spread even more – did you find this?

    I think I’ve had over 70. It’s heart wrenching. My bum looks like a battlefield… not appealing to a new male date :( I’ve had to put off so many dates because how can you explain this and risk them? I feel so embarrassed and like I’m watching my life slip through my fingers.

    I’m now hyper vigilant having researched more thoroughly and working on building my immune system. I hadn’t read about the Imiquimod so have made an appointment with a new Dr for tomorrow.

    I would like to thank you… she types sobbing… because maybe there is hope that I can see the back of this before another year has passed. Maybe I will be able to be intimate with someone again.

  28. Thank you all for sharing. I am in the freak out mode right now. I went to the urgent care clinic and they told me I had genital warts because I had previously had a positive hpv diagnosis. I pointed out to them that it did not look the same as genital warts. There are three bumps, two on the lower end of my rear-end and one on my underwear line, close to my vagina. The only reason i noticed them was because i accidentaly scratched one and was bleeding. They told me to see my gyn. I went the same day, but got a doctor that was not mine. This all happened yesterday. He looked at it for 3 seconds and said it was not genital warts, but was molluscum. I did breathe a sigh a sigh of relief, until i looked up molluscum. My 12 year old has had molluscum for over a year and two weeks ago one of them was bleeding. I touched it to clean it. I washed my hands but realize now that it could have been on a towel…I was not educated about molluscum when she got it i thought it was a kid thing. The gynecologist pretty much brushed it off. He did a biopsy to “prove to” me that it was molluscum. He said to leave it alone. I’m not happy with that decision. I will try the apple vinegar and duct tape. He mentioned I could have gotten it from sexual contact….made me feel so dirty. I’m in a new relationship and am so afraid to be intimate with this person (we have not yet). Condoms will not help. If I tell him then I am pretty sure it will be over since the internet says it’s an std. The thought of living with these ugly things and not being able to be intimate for what could be a very long time is sooo distressing. I’m thinking I should just make up a reason I can not see him and avoid all men. So very upset about this. Thanks for listening.

  29. I am coming up to 3 years with it. They’re everywhere and I have tried almost every natural and prescription cure I could. I go through phases where I will go to war with them when I find something new to try out on them.

    Something no one has mentioned that I could see was: Salicylic acid.
    I briefly had some success with this, it comes in a lotion form. I used 5% and also got a gel version of benzoyl peroxide 5%. I used it on my affected areas for as long as I could handle (about 2 weeks). It makes your skin peel and itch but I saw a drastic decrease in them.
    You likely shouldn’t use it for too long, it thins your skin and is quite harsh but if you only have a few, it might be worth trying to get your body to notice.

  30. Hey everyone!! Im still here and might be recently over my molluscum. I am not quite sure yet since the area I have it on is my chest and I used to get small pimples here occasionally. As we all know every bump throws you into attack mode. My girlfriend thinks iM crazy because every slightly red bump stresses me out. I definitely believe I have PTSD from this bullshit. I know how all of you are feeling. Especially being diagnosed single or newly dating. I was actually in the same boat when I finally figured out what was going on. I def avoided dating for about 8 months since I initially did have it on my vagina and was not looking forward to a conversation like this with someone i barely knew and well it also meant no shaving for quite some time. UGH i actually think that was the worst part for me. I definitely got rid of it in that area from apple cider vinegar. I attacked each and everyone as soon as I saw the slightest red area. Seeing scabs and bumps down there was definitely a very difficult time for me. I felt gross and felt like i was going to have to put my life on hold for years for this shit. It ended up clearing up in that area and I knew I still had some on my chest and a few popping up here and there on my legs but i decided to start dating. Looking back now I wouldn’t change that for anything. I had to have a really difficult conversation on our second date and I was nauseous for weeks over it but she surprised me and was very supportive. I was very luck to meet someone amazing who was a nurse and saw way worse, painful life altering conditions that molluscum seemed like a joke to her. We were very careful but unfortunately she did get it on her back we believe from our sheets, so Tracy I would not be surprised if you got this from your daughter through towels. Most drs do not educate their patients enough. Everything I learned I learned online. ABSOLUTELY wash all towels in hot water and never reuse. My electric bill has been insane for two years but i can’t imagine if I was wiping with mollosucum towels what my body would look like. This shit lives on damp material longer as well as your skin is more permeable when you are wet hence why wiping your damp showered body with a molluscum towel is a quick way to get this and over a large areas. I also used a separate razor for each leg and my vagina and my armpits just as a safety measure. If one randomly pops up I’m not going to spread it to another area of my body. I know this all sounds insane and you sometimes staring at my rainbow array of razors actually cracks me up at this point. I just can’t believe that most kids fight this shit off quicker than us adults that are traumatized by it emotional and socially. I have a feeling after 21 months I am either at the end or nearing the end. unfortunately passing it to my partner has made me vulnerable to getting it right back. Now she has the luxury of me stalking her skin and being obsessive over her. This stuff really messes with your head. As we all know one bump can lead to hundred and years of this shit. Hope everyone even is doing better mentally, these bumps are definitely more mentally harmful than physically. What has definitely helped me is only dealing with them in the morning and at night and trying to forget about them through the rest of the day. Keep fighting the battle!!! Good Luck

  31. Hi Sarah, Your site is so educational. I have learned more on this site that I did at the doctor’s office. So thank you so much for posting this. My little boy has got this nasty virus on his inner thighs. I am using tape and wear grass and prayer. It’s been a week now since I found it. God it’s time consuming and worries me to no end. I’m just praying over him morning noon and night , trusting God to heal him. Reading this has helped me. You are helping so many desperate, people. You give us hope! The doctors need to be on this site, really! Happy healing to anyone out there struggling! You will get past this virus!

    • Hi maya, I am so sorry to hear you are going through this with your son. Finding this blog from Jellie Fishie was seriously an emotional health saver for myself. I felt so alone in that i had never heard of this or known anyone who had suffered with this virus before. Its too bad that others are going through the same thing but definitely helps us to realize others have been through it and made it out the other side, as well as there are others that can relate and understand how awful this process can be. We have to thank Jelliefishie for connecting all of us and getting information out there on what can help us speed this along. I thought I was done but seem to be fighting off a random one here and there still on my chest. TWO YEARS exactly since I was exposed to this shit and still its evading my immune system, and I am a very healthy person. I did not get sick once this winter with strep and flu and everything around me but yet this virus still keeps on striking. Good luck with your little boy. The best advice I think I could give for a young child who is not going to know to avoid it is to keep his legs covered so that he can’t pick or scratch. Also if he is too young for showers and you still have to bath him I read a bunch of info with parents putting a cup or more of Braggs apple cider into the bath water and this seemed to help within a few weeks. I know we are supposed to avoiding bathing which is the only reason I didn’t want to do this and I didn’t want to expose clean areas but for those who are really young and can’t avoid baths this may be a lot of help. Good luck.

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