Life Update

A frozen sheet of water in Prospect Park....back in February, I think.

A frozen sheet of water in Prospect Park….back in February, I think.

It’s been a hectic year, so I thought a catch up post was in order!

I lost my job in January.  Technically, I hadn’t worked since end of December, but the parent company decided they didn’t want to keep our studio open anymore.  So my “usual spot” was gone, “effective immediately”.  After the slow January I had, things went in to overdrive. I worked every one of those 28 days of February, and a good portion of March. It could’ve been the entire March, but I was starting to go crazy…this past weekend was the first two consecutive days I had off in a long time! So I’m looking forward to taking things easy and catching up on a lot of life stuff that I haven’t been able to do. Like…MY TAXES!!

One major thing of note: I’m moving in with my boyfriend in May! One of his roommates is leaving – moving in with her own boyfriend – which means the two of us will have three connecting rooms to ourselves. These are small rooms for sure, but it’ll be nice not to need to exit the apartment to get to the bathroom.

I drew a not-to-scale floor plan below, so you can see what I mean.

Floor plan to boyfriend's apartment.  Made it really quick in Illustrator so the sizing is a bit off...I think you get the general idea!

Floor plan to boyfriend’s apartment. Made it really quick in Illustrator so the sizing is a bit off…I think you get the general idea!

So we’ll have the Office, Bedroom 1, and soon, Bedroom 2.  The lazy roommate is in Bedroom 3.  The living room needs serious reorganizing, and the kitchen is much narrower than it looks…once you consider the counters and cabinets.

Some drawbacks to moving in: I pay more rent than I ever have (although it’s still not crazy expensive and I can afford it), there’s A LOT of cleaning to do, and the lazy roommate is still there.

She had plans to move out in the summer as well, but I doubt she will by then. Her boyfriend was unemployed for 2014 until this week, and she doesn’t have any savings (shopaholic….). My fingers are still crossed, hopefully she’s out at the end of the year. Her and her neglected cats.  Poor things. Poor, dirty things.

All in all, there’s still a lot to look forward to! I started some of my neglected errands and bought a bunch of stuff in preparation for my Grand Canyon rafting trip in May!  It’s one week with no technology, camping under the stars at night, rafting down the river during the day.  We end up in the middle of nowhere, so we get flown back by helicopter…another part I’m looking forward to!  I think I’ve got almost everything I need together now, save for a rain jacket, giant ugly hat, and sunglasses.  On my shopping spree today, I got 2 pairs of neoprene wetsuit socks (which I understand I have to duct tape to myself to seal them…), a couple Under Armour tech shirts (can use this for jogging too!  No more reusing the same stinky shirt for the whole week :P) and a leather jacket.

Fitting room pic!

Fitting room pic!

Okay…that last part isn’t related to camping!  But it LOOKS SO GOOD.  I got it on sale at Free People, so it went from $270 to $168.  I sized up so I could wear sweaters underneath.


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