The Robot Slave is Misbehaving!

The red couch was filled to capacity; me on my boyfriend’s lap, my boyfriend sitting on one cushion.  The dog taking up the rest of the space.  Suddenly…

Beep beep!

BOYFRIEND: “Oh, I think your butt just activated Voice Control on my phone.”

We took it out and stared at his phone.  The screen glowed blue, and a white line throbbed and oscillated as we talked over it.

BOYFRIEND:  “I didn’t think this was even activated, this is creepy…”

iPhone: “Dialing, Lisa xxxxxx”


iPhone ended the call.

BOYFRIEND: “God, what a nightmare. We are NOT calling my ex-girlfriend from college…!!!!”

I laughed at him for about 5 full minutes, which is just enough time to make an already embarrassing situation even more embarrassing. :)


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