While it is the most unflattering image of myself, it’s almost one of my favorites from my recent trip to the Philippines.

RAWR!  Click for Hi-Res!

RAWR! Click for Hi-Res!

Island hopping in the El Nido area is something I cannot stop gushing about.  It was life changing, it was beautiful, it was the most adventure I’ve had on a vacation, ever.  Some of the islands had simple names like “Secret Beach” or “Secret Lagoon”.  This was taken on one such island.  The small boat, called a banca (which resembles a waterbug, in my eyes) drops anchor in front of a tall, sheer island with no visible entrance.  You jump in to the water, swim towards the rock face….and just around the bend, there is a small gap in the rugged, grey cliff face.  It’s about half as tall as a man, and one must crawl on their hands and knees to get through.  But once you’re through….you see most turquoise water that ever existed.  Sea so blue you’d think it was photoshopped.  Coral everywhere, fish from every part of the rainbow there.  Trees, sand, a beach.  Another, deeper cave that you must swim to like you’re in a Tomb Raider game.

To say I loved it feels like an understatement.

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