A Look Back on 2013

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I don’t doubt I’m alone in thinking this…2013 was a LONG year!  It feels like a decade since I wrote my half-year retrospective on how 2013 was going so far – and unfortunately, a lot of what I had to write was negative.  I was physically sick, and that was emotionally wearing on me in an extreme way.  But the year came to a close, and I’m glad to say it was a happy end to what was going to be a sucky year.

On the bright side to being sick in 2013, I changed my diet and got healthy. Diets are hard to change, and they’re ongoing projects.  I’ll never be done with my diet, but now that I’m a year in and healthy again, I don’t have to be as strict.  Physical pain is a good motivator to making better food choices!  I learned to love homemade yogurt, I learned to live without or replace pasta with vegetables….I learned to eat well and boost my immune system.  I learned a LOT about how the human body works from reading tons of books and articles about nutrition and physiology.

I’m going to sum up some other great things about 2013:

  • Got back in to gaming! I gotta credit my boyfriend on this, because he gifted me a Nintendo 3DS XL for Valentine’s Day!  My first game, which I was late to work for, was Fire Emblem: Awakening…and if I were in charge of declaring a Game of the Year, it would be Fire Emblem.  After that, I went through tons of games….the 3DS was perfect since the only free time I have to squeeze in gaming is – in the bathroom, while waiting on lines, and during my commutes.  I feel happy and less stressed out with video games back in my life.  My ratio of good games to blah games is still very lopsided.  But it has still been fun.  Meanwhile, my PC/PS3 games are still rotting in their cases.
  • I’m in a happy relationship.  Don’t wanna gloat about this too much.  But I GOTTA mention it!  It’s officially just over a year with my “new boyfriend”, whom I still refer to in my head as a “new boyfriend” because something is wrong with me.  He treats me well and it’s hard not to smile around him.  What’s more to say? Finally met his parents too, and they’re so generous and nice I still worry there is some kind of catch.  We did have a few fights…some BAD, public fights….but those were over quick, and it’s been so different from my first relationship.  In a very good way.
  • Jasper finally likes me! I desperately wanted my boyfriend’s dog to love me.  He may be a dog but he has some cat-like qualities, such as cleaning himself a lot, trimming his own nails, and being ALOOF!  Strangers try to pet him, he usually turns his head away, like they are filth, haha.  He only goes nuts when he hasn’t seen me in a while, but he’s affectionate enough now that I know he cares!
  • Travelled Internationally for the first time in 3 years! I was getting some serious cabin fever…or whatever the equivalent is for being stuck on your continent!  That is not to say that I haven’t left the US.  But it’s been 3 years since I flew over one of the oceans, and it was the first time I travelled with my older sister.  We went to the Philippines, which I’ll finally write stuff for in the coming weeks (finally finished weeding through the photos of it all).  Even better, we’ve been to the Philippines before but never explored outside of the Manila area.  This was the most adventure-y vacation I’ve ever had.

Oh yes, and I worked fairly consistently for most of the year (barring Nov-Dec, when I was traveling).  Which is good, because I needed the money to pay off my crazy medical bills from the Spring!  That about sums it up for 2013.


One thought on “A Look Back on 2013

  1. 2013 felt incredibly long… but I have to say it was a true roller coster for the positive and negative. Time to see what 2014 has to bring :) and maybe get you on some overseas trips more often :P

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