Inappropriate At Work #7

It’s been a while since the last time I felt I should write one of these!

So I work in post production, doing the visual effects for the commercials you see on TV.  I make stuff pretty; it’s like Photoshop for video.  After I do my work, I need to hit the “render” button to actually create the video….Rendering is somewhat akin to sticking a pan of raw ingredients in to the oven and letting it “bake”.  Once it finishes, everything marries together and you have the finished product!

I’m working at a different studio than usual, one that I don’t particularly like…but I need the money.  I’m working hard.  The producer comes in, balancing his aluminum Macbook Pro on one hand like a waiter.  “Hey Jelliefishie, you gonna put out soon?”

My male deskmate makes a face, looks up from his phone, and goes, “What–?”

Laughing, the producer said, “See what I did there?  You gonna PUT OUT?  Haha!”

The producer was laughing alone on this one.

Unrelated: I’m 25 years old and today is the first time I successfully wore pencil eyeliner for the whole day, WITHOUT it smearing!  I am extremely happy and proud.  Do I get my girl-diploma now?


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