Halloween, How You’ve Changed!

Did people of generations past feel old and outdated by age 25?

I don’t recognize Halloween anymore. When I was little, which really wasn’t that long ago, Halloween was awesome and Halloween made sense. Here is what one of the coolest holidays used to be like, if you grew up in NYC.

Trick or Treating Happened at Night.

If you were really little, a parent would come along, but most of my memories have me and my friends trick or treating without an adult.  In NYC, most parents let you go to school and back, and navigate the subways and streets alone, by the time you hit middle school.  Not to mention, by the time you’re at least 10, people trust you to babysit other kids.  So you’re not only entrusted with taking care of yourself alone, but taking care of another kid alone, pretty early on in life.  When you travel in packs, you feel very safe.  Even in the early 90s, NYC was not a brutal place to grow up in.

Now we have Daytime Halloween.  It’s not even dark, it’s not even 4pm, and I would see kids and their parents wandering around in costume, plastic orange pumpkin container in tow.  I don’t know why they are doing this.  Are they afraid of the dark?  NYC is in darkness by 6:20pm in October, you don’t have to wait that long….a lot of people aren’t going to be HOME yet, so you’re not going to get a good haul either.  I rarely see big groups of kids anymore, it’s usually just 1 kid, siblings, or 3 or less children and parents.  Newsflash, parents….the New York City of the 2000s is way safer than the New York City of the 1990s.

You Get Enough Candy to Last More Than a Year

Seriously!  Think about it this way – New York City is the densest city in the United States, with a population of 8.5 million.  People literally live on top of each other here; you can hit up over 75 families per building. Per BUILDING.  Then walk next door to the next 75 families!  We were constantly filling our sacks – SACKS, because those tiny orange plastic pumpkins only last like 3 apartment floors – which would sometimes rupture from the weight of SO MUCH CANDY :D  We would ring every bell on the floor and rush, little feet stampeding, towards the first one that you hear unlock with an echoey snick sound.

Nowadays, there are sign up sheets in apartment building lobbies.  This is technically a good improvement, since you can see right away who is guaranteed to open their door and shower you with sugar.  But less and less people are signing up for those things….I feel sorry for the kids when I look at the list.  Can they even fill one pumpkin when only 5/75 families are giving out candy per building?  Over the past 10 years, the kids who adored Halloween have grown up, but never abandoned Halloween festivities.  In what I do see as rather selfish, we adults have our own costume parties and dance all night.  From house parties to warehouse parties to fancy clubs, people will spend over $65 per head on Halloween.  More like $100, actually!  And while I’ve gone to a bunch of Halloween house parties myself, this means there is a huge scarcity of people who stay at home and give out candy.  I rarely see anyone bother leaving a bag of candy at their door for kids to take from.  So Halloween in the 2000s sounds really lame for kids.

Sorry, children.  We’re a generation of selfish kids in adult bodies, and we’re not giving you our candy anymore.

Halloween Happened ON Halloween

Yes, there would sometimes be the parade or events and what not happening on days that weren’t Halloween.  Sometimes you’d go trick or treating on whatever weekend was closest to October 31.  But this year, I see kids and their parents out trick or treating not just in the daytime…but a full week prior to Halloween week.  The subway this past weekend was also full of adults in costumes, heading to or from various parties.  Halloween is no longer just a single day; it extends over two weeks.  While I see why this is good for parties, because then you can attend more than one and show off your costume….I don’t understand why this is good for trick or treating kids.  People aren’t going to be expecting you to come by asking for candy!

Has anyone else noticed ways Halloween has changed compared to when they were a kid?  Was it any different from my childhood?


One thought on “Halloween, How You’ve Changed!

  1. Yea Halloween should always be at night and its extremely strange now that its happening in the broad daylight losing like spooky eeriness of what Halloween should be. You and I share the same upbringing in NYC for halloween and we all came out just fine. I do have to say it is an improvement for the sign up sheets, so you don’t go about bothering everyone in the building lol. I agree about being selfish and its horrible that halloween has come down to that, I still feel the need to be traditional in giving out candy. I also feel bummed no more teens are doing egging, shaving cream fights or TPing… I mean thats part of the tradition too! Now those brats all just glued to their phones and its super lame.

    As for the party goers willing to dish out that much money, I’m sorry you still dress skanky normally putting a witch hat doesn’t make it “Halloween”.

    Halloween has gone from this scary, spooky, sugar high, egging, shaving cream, TPing holiday to something really lame and bland to a point where you wonder if everyone has just thrown out traditions and morals and your completely connected to this new digital world. They need to disconnect.

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