Now Playing: PokoPang!

Platform: mobile (iPhone)

“Is PokoPang as popular in the States as it is here?” Asked my friend who lives in Singapore. I’ve never heard of it, but PokoPang is a mobile puzzle game you can download through LINE chat.

Curious, I downloaded it, and now I can’t stop playing. I’m terrible at it, but there’s something about all the flashiness, cuteness, and colors that I find indescribably addicting. You get five lives (clovers) to play in the game, which recharges over time…or your friends can send you another clover. Leveling up will completely fill your clovers too – a small thing that makes PokoPang easier to play than Candy Crush. Like Candy Crush, you do get prompted to buy power ups with real money, but there are free ways to get those too (playing 15 times yields a free, random power up).  You don’t need that much patience to play this game for free, even if you have no friends (I only have 1 friend playing this game).  The clovers come pretty easily.

All you do is drag your finger to connect 3 or more same-colored dots; if you don’t take too much time between successful connections, you rack up a combo that multiplies your points. You’ll also get bombs (to clear a whole bunch of dots) and rainbows (clear one kind of color at random) that are pretty key to getting a good score…aside from how fast you swipe your finger.

The one thing I find odd – the sound effects sound like Mario sound effects! No idea if they did that on purpose, if it’s stolen sfx, or what.

It’s cool that they have Daily MIssions, so far very easy to complete in a few minutes, which yield you tons of bonus cherries!

I somewhat hate myself for getting addicted to a brainless game like this, but I suppose that means it’s a “guilty pleasure” of mine. It’s free too, so if you’re bored and like fast paced games, this is one to try. I feel like I’ll tire of it in a month, but for now it’s a fun way to wake myself up in the morning!

My rating: ★★★☆☆ (3/5 stars)
Cute and addicting, but very brainless.


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