Excited For: Super Mario World 3D World

Platform: Wii U
Release Date: 2013 Nov. 22

The end of 2013 is shaping up to be a huge event for Nintendo – tons of hyped up, first party games are getting released, “killer app” type games that could finally move Wii U consoles.  If a remake of an 11 year old Zelda game can move consoles, imagine what it’ll be like when we finally get a GOOD Mario game on the Wii U??  I played New Super Mario Bros. U while housesitting this summer, and was NOT a fan.  Something about that game was missing soul….the levels felt the same as they ever were in any Super Mario game, but nothing about it felt fresh.  The lack of a vibrant world map really disappointed, made it feel small and clinical, and what really killed it was the terrible multiplayer!  I don’t think this game can even be considered “multiplayer”.  Nintendo is a company that always encouraged awesome multiplayer, especially encouraging having your friend sit right next to you instead of off in their own house, miles away, playing online.  How many of us remember carrying a GameCube by its handle and heading to a friend’s party?  How many of us remember the fun of a 4 person split-screen battle in N64’s GoldenEye?

The most exciting thing for me with Super Mario 3D World is the simultaneous multiplayer!!!  I have been wracking my brain trying to find co-op games that me and my boyfriend can play together, but in this day and age…with all our technology….sometimes it feels like the video game world is moving away from gaming together.  As in, right physically next to each other.  Starcraft and Diablo kinda killed that too with their exclusion of LAN capabilities.  I know there’s a site called Co-Optimus, a much-needed database of cooperative video games.  But even browsing through their “couch co-op” section, I’m hard-pressed to find something that sounds interesting. The majority of PS3 titles are first person shooters that even my boyfriend doesn’t care about.  Having Peach, Toad, Luigi, and Mario playing all at once brings back a lot of fond Mario Kart and Super Mario Advance memories.

Aside from multiplayer, pretty much everything about the gameplay is also awesome, haha!  The new transparent tubes you can collect and place around the game, the cat suit that lets you climb (I find it hilarious how creepy Mario looks in it), the shiro tanuki suit you can get if you beat a level, if my Japanese skills are holding up, which sorta looks like you have god-like star effects.  I hear the levels are rather short, but there are so many options and competitive ways to play it, Super Mario 3D World is shaping up to be a game with huge replay value.  As expected from Nintendo…fingers crossed this game and the new handheld Zelda will get the company back on the ball, financially.

Also check out Polygon’s interview with Miyamoto over Super Mario 3D World.


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