Practicing Noses, Sorta.

Last night, I was talking to a 3D animator who’s been taking some time off to work on his drawing skills…specifically, he’s doing online anatomy lessons.  Well, that sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?!  I never had a firm grasp of anatomy, and I think it probably shows in my drawings. My stuff is very flat, kind of comic booky, not as much volume in the figures as there should be.  If I draw a person from reference except for one body part, everyone can tell which body part was from “imagination”.  Inspired by his enthusiasm, I started looking at the numerous figure drawing tutorials on Youtube.  I still lament that we had so much mandatory crap to do in college that I never got to take a proper Anatomy class.

I have two Youtube Channel favorites so far:

  • Proko – Formatted very well, he describes how to draw figures better than most teachers explain anything.  His foundational stuff is truly essential to anyone who wants to draw figures, and it’s what really helped me get started on noses and faces (above).  Everything is easy to understand.  I can’t stress enough how invaluable his videos have been, I keep rewatching them.
  • Sycra – More of the type of digital artist you tend to see on youtube, with lots of speedpainting recordings….but he also has some great tutorials on how to draw, particularly his video about foreshortening.  He clearly has a great grasp of traditional figure drawing as well.

Today’s noses and faces were drawn while looking at screenshots of movies at Cinema Squid (awesome resource if you love staring at stillframes of movies…which I do!).


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