Mauser & Max

Max takes a Mauser C96 to the range, instead of his usual Luger. Took maybe 20 minutes to draw it all, with most time spent on the gun, and wow….I can’t draw guns!!!  Or other inanimate, hard surface objects.  I’ve found a new thing to work on; typically I’m drawing way too many characters instead of things, and it’s not good to be so limited.

I stayed up really late last night to watch the Pokemon: The Origin 4 episode series that just aired in Japan this week.  Late to work today. Sleep schedule all messed up.  BUT SO WORTH IT.  It’s so clear now that Game Freaks is trying to get the old players back; they bridged the story from the classic Red & Blue games over to Pokemon X/Y with Mega Evolutions!  Might write up more thoughts later, gotta get back to work!  I’m also so very glad I can still understand Japanese!


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