Meeting the Parents | Provincetown, MA

Meeting the parents of your boyfriend is a scary thing.  I drew the above picture last night, showing how I felt the night before they drove down to New  York.  My shields were up, ready for the worst.  But it turns out, they’re extremely nice people!  Not tentacle-like at all, not monstrous; they talk a little slow and quiet, but smiled a lot…and not in the “I’m going to devour you in  your sleep” way!

They drove down a couple weeks ago and took me and my boyfriend on a small road trip to Provincetown, MA.  It was quiet, quaint, overcast, and a tourist trap!  Food was insanely expensive – when you go to a small town, you don’t expect to pay $36 just for an entree!  Those are more like NYC prices. FANCY New York prices (I can get a tasty and filling dinner here anywhere between $6-14).  Still, the food was really good, and the father insisted on paying for everything.  I only got to swap credit cards with the mother once, to pay for something, but she realized my trick, called me sneaky, and wouldn’t let it happen again.   We kept calling it the “Jasper Vacation”, because he was like the handsome celebrity on the streets and we were his lackeys.

Jasper enjoying the bed & breakfast, the grass, and all the attention.

Lots and lots of pictures below!

We stayed at a bed & breakfast called the Land’s End Inn, just on the edge of Commercial Street so everything was conveniently walkable.  And the views from the Inn were amazing!  There was a huge fireplace inside with comfy chairs all around, and tons of outdoor seating.  My views while eating breakfast every morning:

The owners and workers of the Inn were really nice, always willing to talk (which is great since my boyfriend’s parents also love to talk), and every day at 5pm, there would be free wine and cheese!  Never missed a day, haha.  The room we had (called “West Indies”) was SO clean and felt brand new, though I think it was renovated 2 years ago.  Also you could probably fit 8 people in to the shower, it was HUGE.

We rode on a trolley tour of Provincetown and heard about its brief history:

All the houses in Provincetown were made of cedar on the outside, which turns this creepy grey color with age:
Jasper hung out at the beach, where I dug a hole (down to some cool, wet sand) for him to sit his butt in.

He came whale watching…

With me!

A small whale! Arr!

But he didn’t seem to enjoy it.  The ship rocked way too much for his liking.


Jazzy came with us to the vineyards and ran through them….
Did some wine tasting….but doesn’t really have the palate for it…
….He’d MUCH rather play frisbee!

Maniacal smile.

So we left that fuzzy guy back at the B&B and went out on the Dune Tour, just us bipeds.  They told us even more history of Provincetown – how the Pilgrims landed around here, how the dunes were inhabited by the early version of the coast guard.  They built shacks out of the driftwood of shipwrecks to live in, and watched the seas at night.  If someone crashed, they would haul out boats and head out for a rescue…of the people, not of driftwood.

Some people still live in the shacks! They have to travel a good distance then use a pump to get fresh ground water, for drinking.

There was also an amazing sunset, and the Harvest Moon (which made me a little homesick, no mooncakes for me this year since I was away…)

View from the Land’s End Inn, at night. Harvest Moon.

Okay…gotta cut myself off from posting any more pictures in this post!  If you’re curious about more photos, here’s the Flickr set with tons more dog pictures: Provincetown & Jasper.


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