WPC: The Turbulent Sea

The Atlantic Ocean, off Cape Cod.

The pure strength of Nature is the Sea herself.  She is vast, she is rough, she is turbulent, she is eternally mutable.  The Sea is unruly and wild; she cannot be controlled by man, beast, plant, rock, nor earth itself.  She steals the face of the sky and froths at the mouth, laughing spitefully.  Here by the shore, a giggle, there by the cliffside, a belting roar.   She isolates with her girth and murders with a sip.  She is fear, and death, and strength, and home.

Just got back from a trip to Cape Cod…much more pics to follow :)  They’re all already uploaded to this Flickr Set, with gratuitous photos of Jasper the Dog.

Link to the “Sea” challenge and the posts of others’ here.


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