One of my three favorite female superheroes from the cartoon, Justice League Unlimited!! I love how Kara is not only smart but embraces her cute, girly side. I also admit that I like her superficially too, because she’s not a hyper sexual sex bomb like a lot of other women in mainstream superhero comics. She’s a teen and she still looks relatively innocent, if not a little bratty. I drew her in her JLU t-shirt outfit because, despite the impractical pencil skirt, the lack of spandex was refreshing. My favorite thing about her outfit is probably the short white gloves. If you’re In the US, I think JLU is still available on Netflix, but it’s expiring soon :( The guy who handled the show also did [everyone’s favorite] 1990’s Batman The Animated Series and Batman Beyond. There’s even a crossover ep in JLU with Terry from Batman Beyond :D So yea, if you’ve seen any of those then you already know JLU has good stories to tell! They take stale, cardboard superheroes and breath life in to them amazingly well.

Technically I did this Supergirl drawing back in July, but couldn’t bring myself to declare it “finished” till today.  I also tried coloring it several times and this is the best one I ended up with.  Which isn’t the best, but I think it’s still worth posting. The original black & white sketch is below, which I think actually looks better than the colored one above.

When I was little, I used to loooove rewatching the Supergirl movie….the old, crappy, campy one. Even back then I knew it was a terrible pile of crap, but I dunno. I guess I just have a huge girl crush on Supergirl :x. She still seemed like an intelligent yet girly woman, and I really liked that combination.

Aside from Kara, I really like Shayera (Hawkgirl) and Wonder Woman….who happens to have a really awesome animated movie (2009) for her origin story.  It’s got top quality animation, awesome fight scenes, and a offers a glimpse in to her life that you don’t get to see while she’s part of a bigger team in the Justice League series.  I’d like to draw them all….and do alternate costumes…for one, I’d love to put Wonder Woman in some proper armor.

….I could totally write up a review on some of the DC animated movies I been watching.  They’re really good.  Surprisingly so.

Oh — almost forgot to write this up too!  Let the records show that today was an awesome day! Not only did I finish up those drawings above, which always leaves me feeling fulfilled, I am now more awesome than all two men at work. Hahahaha.  We’ve been trying to install a certain work software on to the computers, but there’s been issues with the floating licenses, because floating licenses (even or ESPECIALLY legit ones) suck!  My boss, who ought to know what he’s doing with computer networks since he majored in it, and my boyfriend both couldn’t figure out how to make it work.  They were ready to give up on my machine, because they didn’t know what else to try.  After staring at some diagnostic files for a bit, I realized what the problem was….but then spent another 2 hours trying to figure out HOW to correct this.  I didn’t solve that.  But I did find a workaround that results in all the software working on all the computers!


I was previously known at the office for being The Girl Who Breaks Everything.  They even call me Hexadecimal sometimes, after the character in Reboot (an old TV show) who destroys everything…

Also of note, I’m the one who set up the wifi relay points in my boyfriend’s apartment too.  Success!


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