Okay, maybe it’s a bit morbid, but I popped open the cap to my pills this morning and thought, oh, my breakfast totally fits the word “Bisect” from Sue’s Word A Week Challenge!

After freaking out last night about how my body is falling apart, and hasn’t caught a break for the entire 8 months of 2013, my sister calmed me down on the phone.  Did you know that doctors offices have an on-call doctor even when it’s 12am and everything is closed?  Because I sure didn’t, and I was so scared that my infection would get worse while I waited 2 days for my doctor’s office to open again.  The on-call doctor was understandably grumpy, but hopefully thanks to her I would be peeing blood and razors anymore.

I have no idea how I got another UTI.  There’s seriously a million reasons this time, and a large suspicion that it was because I slept without underwear one night, on a bed covered in dog fur, from a dog who had splashed around in green pond scum all day and didn’t get washed.  Sounds like a breeding ground for E. Coli or something similarly sinister, if you ask me.  Why did I think sleeping without underwear was a good idea??  I didn’t have to.  I chose to do that.  For no reason.  Boo.  :(

My big concern right now is how I can prevent the anti-biotics from wrecking my body once again.  I’m STILL trying to get my body’s flora to balance out, with probiotic pills and homemade organic yogurt.  Unfortunately, in the rush to get to the pharmacy before work (and I was already getting “emergency” work emails when I woke up), I forgot my yogurt at home…forgot my probiotic pills at home…and just took my black and white breakfast pill that will soon ravage my entire digestive track.  I just really hope this doesn’t mean I’m going to be bouncing back and forth between yeast infections and UTIs.  You know what also sucks?  Yeast infections are highly likely right before your period, because the drop in estrogen throws the ecosystem within your body off balance, and creates an ideal situation for yeast to grow rampant.  Then the RISE in estrogen after your period ends also similarly shakes this up and causes UTI’s to be more likely.

I’m torn about modern science.  It’s definitely the reason I am still alive, and it’s saved my life over a dozen times in the most extreme situations.  A thousand times in trivial situations.  But there’s no denying that the side effects of modern medicine can really make a person physically suffer to the extent that you start to wonder if it was really worth it at all.


One thought on “Breakfast

  1. Oh no that is horrible @_@! I am happy you got help right away! Yeah doctors always have someone on call usually… and last resort is 911 :-\

    I blame the US, you been to Asia many times and it didn’t seem you had this many issues? And it is a lot let hygienic there! Medicine is also a big business so they can literally control how the effects usually turn out and how to get it depended on another pill. So really you want to try to stick to less is more on somethings….

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