How My Boyfriend Cheered Me Up

The night before, I told my boyfriend all about how horrible I felt lately.  How everything was rotten and I couldn’t control it, couldn’t stop myself from hating everything.  So what happened the next day at work?  I come up the stairs to our lofted office and this guy greets me, tail wagging:

I didn’t expect this at all….it was beyond what I could conceive.  My boyfriend brought his big, fuzzy dog, Jasper, to work!  It costs him a lot of money and trouble to find a cab that’ll take a large pet.  Now maybe he just felt like bringing Jasper and it was all a coincidence, but whatever brought this big puppy to work, I was really glad for it.  It really brightened my mood to just look over and see this guy and his bright blue eyes nearby.

Here we are trying to stack the other office dog on top of him.

And one more looking cute!

While we were working, he put on stand up comedy on the bigscreen TV we have at the office, which moved everyone from okay spirits to GREAT spirits.  Louis C.K. is really the best :)  He’s the one comedian who knows how to be offensive without causing offense, and the one comedian whose beliefs I find myself personally agreeing with in completion.  Once we ran out of that, he marathoned “The Tick” TV show on the big screen.

My boyfriend never said that he didn’t do this for me.  He never gave any reason at all for doing all this.  But I have my suspicions.  Later that day, when everyone had gone home, I hugged him tight and told him, simply, “Thanks for today.  I really needed it.”

Oh, and one more thing that made me really happy!  It’s the weekend now and while my boyfriend stepped out of his apartment, I found a tiny rectangle of paper on his dresser, all folded up.  I unfolded it and found that he had saved a fortune cookie that bore my childhood nickname in Chinese:

It’s just so cute he remembered and kept this :)


2 thoughts on “How My Boyfriend Cheered Me Up

  1. HAHA Japser’s face is like ‘why the heck are you doing this to me?’ Aww thats such a sweet thing for him to do, big dogs always are the best comfort to forget everything wrong. If you are feeling though a bit in the dark and stormy you know you can SMS, call, chill, etc with me at anytime. You know I got your back ;)! *hugs*

    • Awww thanks, that means a lot! It’s a weird state I get in to, I know human interaction will help me but I have trouble picking up the phone :( its a bad character flaw, haha. I want to do better!

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