On Being an Introvert

It’s the 21st century, and monumental conversations happen through text.  One could say this is a breach of tradition, that the medium of the conversation belittles the gravity of a situation.  And that can be true – it’s bad form to break up over text, and bad form to propose marriage over text.

But there are many people that only find their voice through writing.  Thomas Jefferson wrote eloquently, but could never master public speaking; his yearly “State of the Union” speech was always written on paper and delivered to Congress…never orated.  As an introvert, this is easy to relate to.  It takes much less courage to write a text and send it, and it often feels like there’s one less filter between the brain and fingers compared to the brain and the mouth.  Holding my own in a verbal debate is nearly impossible, yet a written one (even with instant feedback, like a real conversation) is not just manageable but winnable.  I think it’s great that text messaging gives us introverts the opportunity to speak the words that are too difficult to say out loud.  It means that hard-to-bring-up-conversations actually do get to be discussed, and the earlier the better.

I know I’m speaking in vague terms.  But tonight was a good night.  I didn’t think it would be, but when words flow and no one is shy….when everyone is purely honest, amazing things happen :)


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