Weekly Photo Challenge: Companion

Is there any love or trust greater than that between a boy and his dog?

This is Jasper, my boyfriend’s husky-shepherd mix….and possibly the sweetest dog I’ve ever met.  It amazes me to see how well he can communicate with gestures, with plain English, and Jasper completely understands.  My favorite thing: if you pick up his paws, Jasper tries to grip and squeeze your hands back!

He’s not my dog, and I can’t really experience the same bond that Jasper has with his master.  Maybe one day I can get my own pet.  I suppose my actual companion nowadays is my boyfriend, but I don’t have a picture with him that’s quite so loving as the one above.

More pictures of Jasper can be found on this Flickr set.
Challenge post and other people’s entries here.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Companion

  1. Big dogs are the best! You’ll love them forever and they are smart and good security too ;) they will love you even if your not main master but if you prove your part of the pack they like “she be cool”

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