Happiness is Home Cooked Meals…

My temporary home office.  So much daylight, I love it!

My temporary home office. So much daylight, I love it!

…..Especially when you have help making them :P  Hahaha!  Or to be honest, nearly everything is cooked by someone else!  It’s the second day of housesitting in a fancy brownstone and I love the place!!  There’s tons of daylight coming in through bay windows, there’s central air conditioning, there’s a washer and dryer in here!  So I don’t have to wait a couple weeks to build up enough clothes to make a laundry load “worth it” :D  There’s also a propane grill on the patio!  So me and my boyfriend want to grill our meals here, because when else will we have such a chance?

Today’s breakfast, lovingly prepared over the stove by my boyfriend. He’s a really great cook!  It’s Boar’s Head bacon, perfectly crisped, fried eggs over easy with freshly ground black pepper, and Italian bread with tomato and a dollop of mozzarella cheese.

It’s funny.  I used to think tomato and mozzarella was a white people food, because I had never heard nor seen it prior to watching “Sex And the City”, hahaha.  And the core cast is all white.  As things tend to go, as soon as I saw it on TV, I started to notice it everywhere – on menus and especially bagel shops.  It’s really delicious, and something I been missing out on till I officially left the teenage years behind.

Last night’s dinner, the first meal prepared on a propane grill.  Grilled Salmon fillet with pesto, grilled brussel sprouts, and some steamed white rice.  The rice is the one thing I cooked XD  Hey, it took some work!  I couldn’t find the rice cooker so I did it in a regular pot.  My boyfriend did the salmon (cooked till the fat seeped out, which is the white colored stuff you see) and vegetables.  It was pure, buttery deliciousness!  It’s too bad my iPhone doesn’t take yummy photos.

There wasn’t much time to do anything last night, so I just relaxed on the couch with a copy of The Walking Dead comic.  I love it so far….the show got boring for me, and it was a chore to keep watching Season 3.  But the comic is non-stop amazing, and all of the characters are awesome!  No one is annoying, even Andrea.

Here’s a bad iPhone pic of my reading hair.

I went to Chinatown today and brought back 3lb of green peppers, 3lb of zucchini, 2lb of asparagus, 1lb of seedless grapes, 3lb of bananas, 2 strings of garlic, 1lb of ginger, and 2lb of blueberries….for $9.  I’m not sure if we can finish it all this week!


One thought on “Happiness is Home Cooked Meals…

  1. Wow that living room looks so pretty and brooklyn perfect! It should appear in a magazine :D and wow that does look really tasty! The bacon makes it extra awesome.

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