How the Other Half Lives

Every time I walk through Park Slope, I take it slow. The streets are darker there, quieter, much like my neighborhood….except in Park Slope, it feels safe. There are virtually no drunks lying in the street, no rowdy college douches belting out songs at 3am. Even the homeless take shifts sitting outside the corner store. There can be only one at a time, apparently. The food is exactly the opposite from where I come from too – everything tastes good, except for the Asian food, and everything’s expensive. Brunch is $14 a plate and you only get one or two things in it. And to think I thought the diner near my home was overpriced for charging $9 for toast, sausage, bacon, potatoes, and coffee. Geez, my place is a steal. I live near (probably the best) Chinatown (in the United States) so food and groceries are cheap as hell. Veggies and fruits for two is $3 PER WEEK. I’ve talked to people here who think $20 a week is cheap. Silly Park Slopers, Chinatown’s only two subway stops away!! But really I think they don’t bother because Chinatown intimidates them. Everything in the Park Slope groceries are roughly 50 cents more per item. Even things you’d think should be dirt cheap, like a can of creamed style corn.

Dinner in Chinatown for two is cheaper than brunch in Park Slope for one.

But enough comparing. I have a lot of pride in where I grew up in Manhattan, and it certainly has its flaws. Park Slope has issues too – when you think of whiny, spoiled children and stupid, deluded parents, everyone thinks of Park Slope. However…..given the chance I would TOTALLY live there!!!!

And pretty soon, I’ll get to for exactly one week. This won’t be in my boyfriend’s apartment, which I can’t see myself living in. This will be in a beautiful brownstone; one with three floors, central air, a patio and a backyard! Me and my boyfriend are house sitting for a lady he’s friends with. Her home’s exactly the kind I creepily peer in to when I walk around this neighborhood at night. There’s real, solid wood furniture – none of that IKEA particle board in sight – and the furniture matches each other!! That’s impossible for my own home since everything but the bed was salvaged from neighbors or the sidewalk.

They gave us a tour of the house and my favorite so far is the HUGE bathroom, with a seperate tub and shower!! Even better, the tub has a French style shower head :) I’ve always wanted to try a tub like that!

Fingers crossed that living together doesn’t break my relationship! Or that living in a brownstone makes me depressed about my life.


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