Post Op Follow Ups

Today was hectic. Two surgeons meant I had two post-op appointments today. It would’ve been nice if I could see both doctors in one trip, especially since Mount Sinai hospital is so out of the way, but their schedules are completely opposite on Thursdays.

Lately I feel weak, I have no strength. The painkillers they prescribed hit me with side effects much worse than localized pain. Fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, constipation, frequent peeing (liver getting worn out), random and uncontrollable shivering and teeth chattering, odd, laborious breathing. Again I lament, no side effect of euphoria. I stopped taking Percocet for about 3 days, but this left me unable to sleep. The pain and irritation at my stitches was unbearable, and I’d sleep at 5 or 6 AM. If I was lucky enough to fall asleep before then, I’d wake up at 3-4AM because of pain.  Yesterday, I was having trouble concentrating at work….which stemmed from the irritation of sitting on my stitches. I gave up and took some extra strength tylenol.

This was another mistake. The Percocet I had contained 325mg of acetaminophen, while Tylenol Extra Strength contains 500mg. After an hour or so, I got a headache that lasted from the afternoon to the evening, basically quitting time. It’s weird because people take Tylenol FOR headache relief! But I looked it up and people in my situation, who have experienced either overdose or allergy on painkillers, get something called “rebounding headaches”. More acetaminophen can trigger it.

So….oxy and acetaminophen are officially off my list.

I saw the plastic surgeon at 8:45am, which I was a little late to. Dressing in the morning takes a little more strategy than usual….since I don’t want to irritate my stitches more with extra fabric rubbing against me, I try to be as “crotchless” as possible. As silly as that sounds :) That means skirts or dresses only; no tight jeans or jeans at all, not even leggings. That leaves me with tights, stockings (these go up your leg and don’t hit past the upper thigh), and thigh high socks. Almost the same as stockings, but of cotton fabric. It’s kinda fun to wear hosiery you’d see in lingerie ads to work, but without anyone in the know :)

I haven’t had the will to do laundry in a good while also – I keep thinking I don’t have the energy. Hand washing is fine since all you really do is soak things.

Clients came in and had to be entertained today. Stress.

Appointment with the oncologist in the afternoon was a mixed bag and slight waste of time. The bad news was, I was starting to develop an infection….like my 3 doctors predicted. It’s hard to clean stitches when you’re on zero pain relief and every touch stings! So I was given a single-dose antibiotic prescription and an order to switch from showering to a salt bath. This way I can soak my wound to clean it instead of trying to scrub it. There was some ambiguous news – pathology didn’t get us the results yet, even though a big reason for this follow up was to have the doctor show me and explain the results :( !!!!! The good news is, both doctors said I was healing so well, you already can’t tell they cut up my genitals.

One gross but interesting thing. Maybe 3 days after surgery, I noticed a hard, very slightly squishy, clear…hardened….goo on my stitches. Worried it meant I was doing the worst showering job ever on myself, I turned up the hot water and slowly, VERY painfully peeled it off. Took me two showers to get it all. I was upset and grossed out. Then today, the plastic surgeon said that was actually glue he put on my stitches, to seal and waterproof it. This would give me more time for the wound to heal. Oops….!


2 thoughts on “Post Op Follow Ups

  1. :( sounds like you had the bad effect on the painkillers, that really sucks. Ibuprofen is much better for headaches, acetaminophen never did the trick. I hope your recovery is going a bit better even though you kinda accidentally removed things you needed ;)

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