Jazzy Hands, From Above (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Jazzy hands!

Jazzy hands!

Because he’s such a proper boy, Jasper always crosses his paws :)  As per the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, it’s shot from above.  No one knows why Inspector Jasper always does this, but when he’s not solving mysterious or chewing up raw broccoli, he’s always prim and polite.  Easily, he’s the kindest dog I’ve ever met…if you give him a treat by hand, he’ll use his lips to grab it from you instead of his teeth.  If you play tug-of-war with him, Jasper can always tell if he got your hand by accident and never bites down.  I don’t know what my boyfriend did to train him this well, but I’m pretty amazed by it.

This next one isn’t shot from above, but here’s Jasper looking up at his most favorite person in the world (not me, unfortunately).

Let's play!

Let’s play!

More pics of him being the cutiest in my Flickr photoset.


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