Run As One – 4 Mile Race, Complete!

Everyone's feeling worn out at the finish line! I'm the one in pink.

Everyone’s feeling worn out at the finish line! Left to Right: My sister, my boss, me.

The skies were cloudless and perfectly powder blue; the trees swayed and sighed with a fresh green that’s only this vibrant for the first few warm weeks of the year.  Crowds of people filled the east 70th street entrance of Central Park.  People in tech shirts, people in shorts, in leggings, and everyone in sneakers and neon colors.  My sister and I had just barely made it on to the queue before the start line.  I was still pinning my race number to my bright-pink shirt as the crowd began to trot.

Run As One was my first official race for 2013, and I did terrible!  The morning commute was awful….a bunch of trains were down “due to construction”, everyone had to sprint from the subway station to the start line, and then keep on going on.  It was “only” 4 miles long, and in the grand scheme of things that’s not much, but 4 miles is the most distance I had ever ran all at once.  And technically….I didn’t run all the way :(  Central Park is hilly, with lots of inclines.  Because I have some asthmatic problems, my lungs usually give out (read: I can’t breathe!) before my leg muscles give out.  My boyfriend suggested I really push my legs, and think “anaerobic”, so I did and dashed off at the beginning.  This might have pissed off my friend that joined with me, though she had just said she may pull ahead and that’s okay, we can meet at the finish.  Oh well.  I ran most of the way, which felt really great…but once I hit the final 1.5 mile, that was it!  I was finished.  No more running straight.  The final hill was huge and painful going up, and I just had to slow to a walk for it. The problem with me is that every time I interrupt my run with a walk, I can never get myself to do sustained running after that.  It was all walking and dashing till the finish line.

I finished with mediocre-to-bad time….10:57min/mile on average.  One can only hope I will improve from here on, but the good news is that last year, when I first started running? My time was 22min/mile!  Dreadful.  So I’m glad I didn’t fall back down to that.  I just got some rock climbing day-passes too, so this should be a healthier year for me.

By the way, this was the Run As One (4 mile) race organized by NYRR – the New York Road Runners group.  They’re one of many running groups that put together races around the city – including the Brooklyn half and the world famous ING New York City Marathon.  Anyone can sign up for races with them, but as a member I get some discounts (which help a LOT!!!), and the potential to get a guaranteed spot in the NY marathon. But I’m not anywhere near that level, so I’m not going to bother qualifying for it this year.

Oh yeah, and surgery in 3 days.

Here’s a picture of Spring in the city….we have tons of cherry blossoms across all the boroughs.

Sakura blooming in Park Slope.

Sakura blooming in Park Slope.

And another picture of my neighborhood at night.  I added a whole bunch of stuff (and more doggy pictures!) to my Flickr Photostream today.

Yeah....hasn't gentrified yet.

Yeah….hasn’t gentrified yet.


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