A Productive Weekend


Say “Ahh”! I don’t know where this was going. It started off normal!

Yayy, finally got to draw more this weekend :D  Did some character designing for my sister, plus some stuff just for fun.  A coworker sent me a link to this AnatomicalArt Tumblr, where this person is posting tons of reference charts and such of illustrated body parts.  It’s no Grey’s Anatomy.  It’s not as useful as live drawing reference.  But the tips you can glean from it are pretty good, especially if you can’t quite draw the human body with your eyes closed yet, and best of all it gives motivation.  I see those pages with hands and hands and hands and think, you know?  That’s a really good idea to do a hand study.  I should do that too!  It made me think of many other weak points in my drawings, such as bare feet and SHOES!  I’d even say another one is calves; they’re asymmetrical and have this bend to it that I never quite get 100% right.  And after all that, there are other areas that could use rigorous practice, like foreshortening.

Studying the left hand.

Studying the left hand.

I didn’t have anything to draw with but mechanical pencil and some printer paper that I “found”.  As handy as an undo key can be, and as nice as it is to use Photoshop to fix my proportion mistakes, it was really nice using real material and relying only on my eye and my muse (my left hand).

The top picture (face drawing), while I didn’t know where it was going, was probably influenced by this technical demo / short animation that Quantic Dream did.  My boyfriend showed it to me today, and it’s amazing how just a few minutes and a bit of dialogue could make a viewer so infinitely sad.  Quantic Dream created Heavy Rain on PS3; they strive to make things more and more realistic and not in the creepy, Uncanny Valley way.  Ooh, and another cool thing, my boyfriend gave me Heavy Rain to keep :D  I’ve been wanting to play it for so long!

If you haven’t seen it, it’s so worth the watch.



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