Home Sweet Home!

I’ve been busy the past few weeks…really busy, going out a lot and such.  There’s a million things I could write about right now – but where’s the time to type it up?  I don’t have much free time anymore.  Even last night, I fell asleep while doing my laundry.  Luckily I set an alarm, and the machines are in my building’s basement instead of at a laundromat.  And there’s no door for maintenance to lock me out of; the entrance is a giant hole in the wall ;)  Called a “doorway”, of course.

While I’m slowly typing up the highlights of my time away from the computer, I wanted to share some pictures of my neighborhood.  In the Phoneography post for My Neighborhood, I declared that I don’t live in a shanty-town.  And sure, when the new mall in the giant, new train station they’re constructing finishes, this place is gonna boom.  But for now, everything is a work in progress.  There’s tons of rats because the ground is torn up.  Orange and yellow and electric blue are everywhere – the colors of construction.  Thanks to their very modest popularity on my very modest Instragram account, I thought it’d be nice to collect my neighborhood pictures here.

Every picture is taken across the street from my home.  The roads aren’t straight here – this is old world New York, afterall.  So there are tons of streets in front of my house.

The view from my balcony below…a gas line blew up (one man was injured).  The big hole it left behind burned for a while, like a hellmouth.  Every day since then, at least 5 construction workers gather around the giant hole and stare at it.  They stare at it for hours.  Just…staring!

My neighborhood bus stop, also across the street:

And just for the hell of it, here’s a few pictures from other parts of Lower Manhattan (south of 1st street).

Bullet holes, poorly filled in, on the G train’s seat.  The bullets didn’t fully come out the other side.

Some graffiti on Houston St.:

 That’s all for now!  I’ll be posting more soon, with tons of pics from the Game of Thrones Exhibit here in NYC (which my company made a game for) and a bunch of other random stuff.


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