Inappropriate at Work #6

The Backstory:

In order to get to where my actual workstation is, one must walk through the stage area…and this was a completely active stage area, with giant lights, cameras, rigs, and the many men who make everything work for a commercial shoot.  There’s wires everywhere and I really didn’t want to make two trips through that stage…so I attempted to gather all my things and take it up to my office in one go.  I had two empty bowls for the dog, bottle of water, my usual large-ish shoulder bag, hot mug of fresh coffee, giant, unwieldy box of stuff from, and a breakfast pastry stuffed in my mouth.  I had no hands to hold it so this seemed like a good idea at the time.

The owner of the parent company is the director.  He saw me picking my way through, stepping over wires with my giant box, and engaged in small talk – your usual “hello, how are you” type stuff.  Except I couldn’t really respond, save for some muffled noises a la the adults in Charlie Brown.  Well, the director thought it was the most hilarious thing ever; I picked up my pace but could hear him behind me, telling other crewmen to ask me a question since I can’t answer.

The Comment:

Later that day, much later, I finally came through the stage area again to get some water.  The director saw me , spun around and shouted across the stage, “You need something in your mouth!”

:( …. Now…I know he probably didn’t mean anything bad by it.  But taken out of context, and I’m sure most of the guys on the stage area did NOT know the context, it just…sounds so bad, ya know?  I hope it doesn’t become a “thing”.


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