Day 21: Something You Want – A Puppy

Adobe Photoshop CS6, Intuos4, 6 hours.

Adobe Photoshop CS6, Intuos4, 6 hours. A lot of detail in this, click to see the bigger version.

This is a fellow freelancer’s puppy, Penelope Tuesday!  You’d think a little gremlin like this would be, well, gremlin-like, but she’s very friendly and loving.  It makes me incredibly happy to look down from my desk and find her lying close to me on the carpet.  I really want a dog….ideally a Shiba Inu…but my family would never agree to one.  They used to have a farm in the Philippines, so you know how that attitude goes.  A pet is a useless animal :(  They also don’t have any firsthand experience with a good pet and how awesome that can be, they only know that these things need to eat all the time.  My uncle told me he wanted to keep a pet pig once when he was younger.  But it was such a hassle having to feed it all the time, so they just killed and ate the pig instead.

Anyway, this drawing was REALLY tough!!!!  Wrinkles are no joke, folds of skin are no joke, add to that some fur and it gives me all a headache.  But apparently a challenge I couldn’t back down from.  I leave this drawing a little frustrated, wishing it could be more like what I saw in my head, but generally happy that it is not an abomination.  The ears were also abysmally difficult.  Every single part of a french bulldog is difficult!  She was bred to be a show dog, by the way, so that hard wrinkle on her nose is a big deal.

Last night, I asked my friend what he thought about the different cropping options I did on this drawing.  He said widescreen looked good, but that the dog was too big!  So I did what he said and shrunk her down, except he was not pleased with the end result.  I post that below, for your viewing pleasure.

Part of the 30 Day Drawing Challenge.


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