30DDC: Day 10: Favorite Candy – Gum

Only costs a single wooden nickle.

10 min. sketch, Photoshop CS6, Intuos5.

I don’t actually have a favorite candy…it wasn’t something I was raised on, and I guess in adulthood I never sought that stuff out.  I’ll eat peanut M&Ms like everyone else if it’s there, but I don’t go crazy for it.  Dark chocolate is nice too I guess…but instead I drew the steak flavored gum you can get in Curse of Monkey Island :)  It’s one of my most favorite point-and-click adventure games ever.  And finally, that bag of wooden nickles went to use!!  This would probably taste AWFUL in real life…but the thought of it makes me hungry, without fail.  Side note, I think I’m getting better at drawing my signature…haha.

Whew….that’s 4 drawings in one day.  Time to sleep!

Part of the 30 Day Drawing Challenge.


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