A Word A Week Challenge: Hat

I feel a little cheap using old photos instead of ones I took this week.  Does that count as cheating?  But I can’t foresee a situation where I’ll get to show off these hats again, so here they are!  Hats at a hat shop in Solvang, CA.  Me and my sister had a lot of fun window shopping, a lot more fun than I suspected a Disney-ish, fabricated tourist town would give us.  The cheese hat person is my sister, and I’m the one in the leather cowboy hat.  I still wish I coulda bought it, but really, what would I do in NYC with a leather cowboy hat…?  There was a lot of fun stuff there, and I seriously wish I could go back and do this Western/Civil War era photography thing.  Maybe I don’t specifically have to go back to that one, and I know it’s SOOO touristy but it sounds really fun to dress up and take photos :)  Speaking of girly things to do in Solvang, I am super spoiled by nail salons in NYC!  Did you know that to get a manicure there, it’s $40!?  Before tax and tip!!!  In New York the average price is $1 per nail (so like $10), they do a damn good job, they’re fast, and you don’t have to book 2 weeks in advance….and people say NYC is expensive….ha!

More pics below!

I can haz cheez?

I can haz cheez?

$78 on my head.

$78 on my head.

My sister has such body-ful hair!

My sister has such body-ful hair!

Posted for Sue’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Hats.


5 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge: Hat

    • Hmm, that’s a good point! It takes a long time to specifically go out and take photos too! Another justification I just thought of is, what does it matter as long as we took the photos ourselves? :)

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