Some Much Needed Alone Time

This is the first week I’ve had ALL to myself! How crazy is that to think about? The last time I had no one to see was probably…..November 2012….when I was away in Houston, Texas. With my new boyfriend especially, every weekend is spent with him. And that’s not something I am complaining about – that’s something I look forward to! But if you take a look at the state of my room, there’s definitely some at-home R&R needed. There’s a pile of clothes nearly 2.5 feet high that needs sorting. It’s on a bench, not the floor…if that’s any better. Most of it is clean stuff I tried on in the morning, frowned at, then hastily tore off in favor of another outfit. There’s a stack of unopened mail on the table, a pair of jeans I need to return for my sister, an awesome video game shirt that needs buying from Uniqlo, a skirt that needs to be hemmed, patterns that need cutting, drawings that need sketching, floors that need to be swept. So much stuff. The more I think about it the more overwhelming it is, actually, so I’m stopping the list prematurely here.

So it’s Friday night and already I feel the motivation flowing through me….one can only hope that this wind stays pushing at my back through the whole weekend. Even today I have already done a lot more stuff than I usually do.

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  • Got a mole removed at the Dermatologist’s. It was in a sensitive place and EXCRUCIATING. It throbs a little every now and then with discomfort, but it’s not terrible. It was definitely embarrassing when my MALE coworkers asked where the mole was and if they could see the site of removal.
  • Finally dropped off my pinhole camera film at Luster Photo!! I took that entire roll back in December, with all my photos primarily in Brooklyn. Primarily in Williamsburg. I’m SO curious to see how they turned out, it’s really nice having something to wonder and speculate over. I’m fully prepared for EVERY shot to be over exposed and super blurry!!! It’s my first time shooting with film (ignoring my childhood with disposable film cameras), and I have no clue what I’m doing ~! Good or terrible, I’ll upload some “highlights” once I get them back.  One roll is my boss’ and I’m so prepared for there to be some embarrassing things there.
  • Did my nails ;D I promised myself to do black nails and purple glitter after I got that shellac off a few weeks ago. Clipped, filed, buffed, lacquered!! My left hand did a shoddy job on my right, so that is an area I DID regress in. Did the toes as well, in a slightly more demure glittery stone-grey.
  • Completely caught up with the comic book series, INVINCIBLE. Did I ever talk about this yet? Easily the best superhero comic in publication right now. Why is it the best? It’s indie and that makes it brave, it’s got amazing art, an awesome colorist that I wish I could emulate, and a writer who makes such tight, shocking, incredible stories. This is the series the Walking Dead creator did before the Walking Dead, and it’s still going strong! Issue #100 is the most current published trade paperback, and now me and my boyfriend eagerly await issue #102 on March 20th. The past few issues have been really emotional too, dealing with a lot of character backstories. What I find interesting especially is that when series (on TV, in books, comics, anime, anything) do a single character-centric episode/issue, I normally hate it. NORMALLY, I don’t give a damn about the side characters. Not so with Invincible. That alone shocks me. I read about Monster Girl, a really awesome character who’s this cute, tiny little whelp that transforms in to a huge green ogre to fight crime. Her backstory had me tearing up while I waited at the doctor’s exam room!!!
  • Had a good cry.  And another, and another.  Today’s been quite an emotional day too, for absolutely no reason. I blame hormones, because I don’t know what else to say about it. When I say emotional, I mean I really did cry, with tears dripping down. I don’t know why, and I wasn’t particularly….sad. It felt like you know…when you have an itch you need to scratch. But today, my method of scratching was to secrete salty water from my face.  Felt so much better after each one.

I have high hopes for tomorrow…gotta complete all those errands I listed earlier (and more!), with priority to making my room livable again. Maybe I’ll even sew something….I went on a pattern shopping spree last week and my VoguePattern stuff has arrived!

My haul:

Feels like it’s been a while since I just wrote about nothing like this too.


One thought on “Some Much Needed Alone Time

  1. Blame the hormones! I do it all the time! The random moments when I’m by myself and feel all shitty and then I start bawling…then you know..the boyfriend comes in from work and I start bawling all over again..haha! Or you could blame stress..or accumulation of subconscious stress? if that makes any sense…

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