Coincidentally, Cooper!


Such “elegant” running form!! He’s coming right at me!

While strolling the rolling hills of Prospect Park, dead grass beneath my riding boots and blue skies over head, an orange blur raced towards me.  The dog was closing its distance fast, running so quick I barely had time to snap this picture before he raced past me, unable to hit the brakes in a timely manner.  Shaggy orange-brown fur, a rounded, pitbull-like head, blue collar and hot-pink tag.  Hairy hobbit paws.  All signs said this was indeed my boss’ dog, Cooper…but his attitude was completely different than when we met in the office.

Instead of being timid and hiding behind things, this dog was running around, panting happily, licking my hand, jumping around.  Me and my boyfriend looked at each other, wondering…but no, it couldn’t be Cooper.  He was too active and happy.  The Cooper we knew was shy and scared of everything.  I took a few more snap shots and then we moved on.

His fur is a much richer orange than I was able to capture that day.

His fur is a much richer orange than I was able to capture that day.

Many many hours later, it finally occurred to me that judging a dog’s personality during off leash hours at the park was a silly way to tell if that was really Cooper.  Especially since I knew the real Cooper does get incredibly excited whenever he sees me.  He is shy, but Cooper learned to like me after the few times we’ve met, and always licks my hand and jumps around, even follows me at times (nothing compared to how attached to his master he is though!).

That was yesterday.  Today I went back to work and tentatively asked my boss if his dog had come to the Park this weekend….he said Cooper did; his mother in law walked Cooper there.  I showed the pictures and my boss flipped out!  On Sunday, his mother in law did take Cooper to the park and said Cooper was a bad dog – he bolted at some point and left her all alone for a while. As punishment, she leashed him for the rest of the day at the park.  Oops, sorry, Cooper!!!  I’m so surprised he recognized me from so far away though!  I did see he was with an older woman (wearing a hood), but didn’t take the time to approach and confirm Cooper was Cooper.  It’s very flattering he chased me to say hi :)  I wish I had more pictures of him, he’s a very photogenic dog….the daylight wasn’t too kind to anything at the park that day though, and my boyfriend had kept walking when we both said “It couldn’t be Cooper!”

Really made my Monday to finally figure it out!

One more thing – as I’m trying to force myself back in to taking pictures since my breakup last year….I thought it’d be good to try out some of the photography challenges online.  Kim from Tranquil Dreams has been doing the “A Word A Week Challenge” from this site and figured it would be a good place for me to start.  The challenge I started with was “Zoom” for the very first pic in this post.  I know it’s interpreted in Sue’s post as using your camera to zoom, but at the moment I just have a 24mm prime lens, can’t zoom!  So let’s pretend “zoom” means something zooming at me…haha.

Here’s 2 more (out of several other) new dog pictures I put in my Flickr Set.

Sunny The Dog

Sunny The Dog




2 thoughts on “Coincidentally, Cooper!

  1. You really write well! I like the explanations and the descriptions make you feel like you know Cooper. So you are an incredible artist, great writer and world class photographer, that is a lot of creativity. Thank you for sharing this, I think it is awesome. :-)

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