30DDC – Day 06 – Favorite Book – A Song of Ice and Fire

Cintiq12wx, Photoshop CS6, 10 hours.

A lot of time was spent on the head of the dragon…then I realized, hey, I got to get this done today.  So I started cutting corners, and voila!  Still have so much to catch up on!  My favorite book [series] is A Song of Ice And Fire.  I’m still not at speed painting level :(  My coworker let me use his Cintiq12wx, which is the smallest version in the Wacom family…and SO awesome!  I really loved using it, and the buttons on the upper left corner are incredibly useful.


2 thoughts on “30DDC – Day 06 – Favorite Book – A Song of Ice and Fire

  1. […] Inigo Montoya, my favorite character from my favorite scene of my favorite story of True Love & High Adventure!  Playing catch up so I did this one fast-ish; about 40min. including font download time.  Digitally done in Photoshop CS6, with Intuos5.  You know, I used to think jotting down work info like that was stupid, but when I look back on old art, it’s nice to compare stats to see if I’ve improved or to see how seriously I took stuff.  This is also one of my most favorite books, but I arbitrarily chose A Song of Ice and Fire for that one. […]

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