Jasper Approves, +10 to Relationship

Just a quick update before bed – I have made exceptional progress with Jasper!  He’s finally warming up to me, though I have walked him solo and given him treats less than 5 times combined.  How do I know?  When he sees me arrive, he charges and leans against me while I pet him with all of his weight (and that weight is heavy!), when I sit or lie down, he lies down against me.  Before, he would lie some distance away without any contact.  Now I have to scoot him over a little, because again, that dog is heavy!  And even more proof…

Today, I went to visit my boyfriend and while standing around in his room, he picked me up by the armpits.  Which is really weird feeling and uncomfortable.  He kinda held me there in the air for a moment, us both staring in to each others eyes, mine in bewilderment and his unreadable but probably smug.  Then my loving boyfriend hurled me backwards at the bed.  I screeched horribly before I hit the mattress.  Before I could sit myself up, Jasper dove between us and sat himself down, and gave a low growl.

He was trying to protect me!!!  That sweetie!!!  Against his own master, too.  This is when I gave him some treats for the first time, because that’s so awesome of him.

There was another time a few weeks ago, me and my boyfriend were roughhousing for fun.  I was doing a bad job at winning, Jasper noticed, and started whining at his master to stop tossing me around again.  He didn’t get between us in that earlier time, but I still found it very endearing of him to care about my wellbeing.  We were just playing around, of course, not real fighting.  But it’s nice to know Jasper cares :)

And I pulled a stick out of his butt.  He likes to eat sticks, but can’t seem to poop them out right.  Maybe this is my reward, kind of like pulling the thorn from the lion’s paw? But barely digested stick from the dog’s butt?  The much grosser version of the story to be sure, but it’s got the same upstanding moral at the end!

I have a lot of drawing to catch up on for the 30 Day Drawing Challenge.  Day 5 (best friend) is 90% done, just got to color in the other critter and give it a background.  Then there’s just Day 6, 7, and 8 to go…


5 thoughts on “Jasper Approves, +10 to Relationship

  1. Dogs are a great judge of character so you must be a good person! :-) Love the idea of a thirty day drawing challenge. There is something wonderful about any project like that. Stop letting your boyfriend throw you around. It is not nice. :-) That Jasper is one good looking dog.

    • I like to think I’m a good person, but there’s potentially some bias in my assessment ;) And there’s something very admirable in how dogs seem to inherently hate laying witness to violence! Jasper is so innocent and sweet. Not that there was any abuse happening, I like to play-fight, haha.

    • It’s nice to belong :D

      For instagram you type (instagram url=”urlofpicherefromdesktopinstagramwebsite” width=”400″) or whatever width in pixels. Use these brackets [ ] instead of the parentheses ( ). The sizing is wonky, it only gives me tiny or huuuge no matter the values I input :( Dunno why! To center it i highlighted it and did paragraph align center as if it was regular text. Instagram website is instagram.com/yourusername !

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