30DDC – Day 04 /part b – Favorite Place…A Warm Embrace…

Day 04 - Favorite Place.

Photoshop CS5, Intuos5, 30 minutes.

Redid this one for the draw30 tumblr group!  This went through many iterations today. First, there’s my original bathhouse one. But I wasn’t too happy with it, so I redid it as the Shi Lin Night Market in Taipei today….THEN, halfway through it I remembered I hate drawing buildings and structures, got very upset and gave up. Next iteration was drawing myself alone and sad in the fetal position, because this theme made me sad that I didn’t really have a favorite place. Finally I drew this, which is VERY embarrassing for me to put out in the open. What feels like “home” is to be in the arms of someone who loves me. It’s sappy and mushy and ahhhhhhh…I spent maybe 30 minutes drawing it, and like 5 hours on all that other crap today that I destroyed. What makes me really nervous is what my coworkers will say when they see this. Urgh. They already make fun of me enough.  And… yeah…as soon as I uploaded it, I got a fellow freelancer already asking me who this guy is, hahaha.


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