Homecooked stir-fried chicken with vegetables.

First home cooked meal in a LONG time. First hobby I’ve revived….besides gaming.

When you’re upset or depressed, it’s common knowledge that one loses interest for their previous passions.  If I stop to think about it, I’ve felt pretty out of it since several months ago…maybe since back in October?  What really killed it was December – that awful month.  Most people seem to love their birth months, and many more people love December since it contains vacations, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.  But it was terrible for me this past year.

Stepping back in to photography as well....with my favorite thing to shoot :)  Doggies!

Stepping back in to photography as well….with my favorite thing to shoot :) Doggies!

Two things I let fall by the wayside in my life are home cooking and photography.  I used to love cooking, though I’m no master…I only know a few basic things.  And it’s been so long that I feel like I gotta start from scratch all over again.  But I’m happy this year, I’m happy right now, and I suddenly find it easy to have purpose…especially since I have someone to cook for.  My boyfriend is working this long weekend, from Friday straight in through next week with no breaks.  Whenever he starts a project he’s not completely comfortable with, especially with a new company (we’re both freelancers), he stresses out and worries a lot…thus putting 300% of himself in to the job and forgets to eat.  Sometimes he neglects to eat till 6PM, and by then he’s dizzy from hunger – of course!!!!  What’s nice is that unlike my first boyfriend, he hasn’t lashed out at me…if anything he’s extra nice and self-conscious about being less than decent to me.  So this weekend I came over to visit and tried to make life a little easier for him.  I swept the apartment (only took 10 minutes total),  cooked some healthy stir-fried chicken breast with fresh vegetables, garlic, sesame oil, and rice (pictured above), baked rosemary potato wedges for a snack, walked the dog, etc.  Unclogged the sink.  Then unclogged the sink.  THEN UNCLOGGED THE SINK!!!

Ugh.  I complained about Elle The Evil Cat Lady before, and here’s one more thing to tack on.  Women are not automatically clean creatures!  She is a mess!!  The worst thing is that she throws FOOD in to the sink.  I asked my boyfriend, “Does she maybe think this is suburbia and there’s a garbage disposal that will grind that stuff up in the sink??”  He assures me she knows.  And he assures me he also finds it gross, annoying, and it sucks that he’s the one who ends up cleaning out the sink all the time.  What the hell?  If she knows then WHY DO IT!?  It’s so gross to scoop out chunks of cat food, what looked like very bloated tapioca balls from bubble tea, and freaking EGG SHELLS.  Oh MY GOD. Salmonella risk.  Who throws egg shells in to the sink, it goes in the trash!! I was fishing that stuff out of the murky sink water, unsure of what my bare hand would dredge up.  Not only did I clear out the strainer over the drain but the inside of the drain as well. I was so disgusted, I washed my hands at least 5 times afterwards, then went to the grocery and bought myself a pair of elbow-length rubber gloves.  I AM NEVER TOUCHING THAT STUFF AGAIN.  If it’s clogged a second time, screw it, NOT CLEANING IT UP, we are gonna have words.  I think it took 1+ hours to wash the dishes because of this grossity.  Oh, and the 2nd time I cleared the drain, there was a mysterious clear goop that I could NOT shake out of it.  Filled with fear, I simply returned the drain to the sink and ran the water on to it.  Hot water.  Scalding water.

Some awesome posable action figures my boyfriend has of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...original comic book style!

Some awesome posable action figures my boyfriend has of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…original comic book style!

Anyway, my boyfriend loved the food, which is SO encouraging!!  Of course I’ll cook more for him then :D  His dog is cautious when he’s out with only me – I notice he walks by my side instead of trying to excitedly drag me down the street.  At somewhere like 70lb of dog, he literally drags me.  But we had some fun playing with sticks on the sidewalk, hehe.  I’m still weirded out about how people keep trying to talk to you or touch your dog without asking if he’s safe to pet.  Jasper is the sweetest dog ever, but what if he wasn’t?  Don’t blame others if you get bit when you lack the self preservation instinct and a minimal level of respect for other people’s things.

About my second revival – this is the first time I’ve taken my dSLR out since I broke up with my first boyfriend last year, on my birthday. I forgot how good it felt to hear that shutter!  So I have tons of pictures of the doggie, and you can see much more of them in my Flickr Set for Jasper the Dog.  Between my birthday and now, I’ve been using Instagram to take pictures instead.  It’s pretty fun, though I never thought I’d like it!  Turns out you don’t have to put shitty filters on your stuff all the time, the shitty filters don’t look so shitty on an iPhone’s glorious screen, and it’s damn fun getting “likes” from strangers on your pictures.  Rough estimate, about 90% of my Instagram pictures are dog pictures, hahaha!  I littered this post with a bunch of photos I took today from Flickr.  Hopefully this continues…really feels great to get back in to all this stuff again.  Like I’m me again.

“Play with me!”

Last thing….in case you were wondering about what happened to the 30 Day Drawing Challenge, about a dozen industry friends decided to start it again all together on February 18th. I’m probably going to redo my self portrait properly this time ;) But will definitely continue things to the full 30 then.  It’s gonna be on tumblr, so I’ll repost what needs reposting with the appropriate day titles on them.


3 thoughts on “Revival

  1. Yeah I know how you feel, you remember what a disaster my birthday trip was… I really always loved my birthday until last year it was probably the worst I could remember in a VERY VERY long time. Maybe you should leave the crazy cat lady a note? Like FYI your stuff is gross cover your end of the sink? I still have had no inspiration to use my DSLR even though I have the equipment and such to use it just zero motivation or able to get the shot. Your so hash tag mad :P

    I love your pictures of Japser he is super cute and has very gorgeous eyes… like a husky!

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