30DDC – Day 01 /b – Self Portrait

Day 01 - Self Portrait

Photoshop CS5, Intuos5, roughly 2 hours.

Abbreviating “30 Day Drawing Challenge” to “30DDC” now, it’s just too damn long!  Originally, the idea to start this came from a girl I went to college with on Facebook. It sounded great, she rallied the troops, and a bunch of us began this about a week ago.  But then everyone stopped…because someone got the idea to put this stuff on tumblr instead.  So that is where the hiatus came from, and today is the first official day of the drawing challenge (yet again).

I first tried to draw a proper self portrait based off of a photo of myself…probably the only photo of myself on Facebook that I actually like, seen here:

Me losing at Bingo on Christmas Day.

Me losing at Bingo on Christmas Day.

This first attempt was done on the Yiynova MSP19U that I bought recently, and I was NOT happy with it at all.  I’ve been having a hard time drawing with this thing.  Let’s not even compare it to the Cintiq at this point.  Let’s compare it to…intuitiveness.  Pen and Paper.  Ease of use.  At the moment I give it zeroes on all of that, but my boyfriend still thinks it may have been installed improperly – Wacom drivers interfere with it, and I been having one HELL of a time trying to track down all the system and registry files for Wacom. They’re littered EVERYWHERE!  It’s quite obnoxious for them to do that.  Uninstall should be a complete uninstall.  This is where I really appreciate how Mac OS X keeps everything contained within it’s app folder; so you hit delete on that and it’s all gone.  Why am I tracking down terms like “wacom” “tablet” and “pentablet” .mui’s, .sys, and .dll’s from all over the place on Windows?  It’s annoying.

So I scrapped that because I was so unhappy, went to cry on my bed for 5 minutes because I was so unhappy (and on my period), then installed my Intuos5 tablet to my laptop.  Ahhh….Snow Leopard.  How I missed thee.  I have only Photoshop CS5 here, so I couldn’t take the tool and brush sets I been using, nor could I use that beloved 2B pencil.  But even with basic brushes, this was so much faster and easier for me.  It really shows there is something very wrong with the Yiynova.  I’ll figure it out this weekend.

Long winded, I know.  But that there’s my new self-portrait.  Face covered again, because. …I don’t know…I don’t like looking at and drawing my face.  There’s something weird about that.  But this is how I actually do look most of the time in the winter.  New York has some sub-freezing temperatures at the moment.

I won’t be redoing every thing I’ve already done; the self portrait was just something I was not happy with.

P.S. The tumblr theme being used has little + signs that fall off the cursor like snow flakes.  So here’s my self portrait with falling snow XD


4 thoughts on “30DDC – Day 01 /b – Self Portrait

  1. LOL that self portrait looks just like you on Lindsey Stirling concert day! That is such a bummer that going the Made in China way didn’t work as well as you hope, but maybe thats why its super cheap? Hopefully you can figure how to make it work for you. Anything dealing with windows is always unpleasant its just the UI alone and everything behind it. Apple forever! Actually they just make it 1000x more user friendly than windows will ever dream to do.

    • It’s so true, and all those android/windows fanboys don’t seem to understand that sometimes….many times…people just want their electronics to work without spending 10 hrs a week headscratching over it! Hope isn’t lost yet, I’m gonna bring the tablet over to Park Slope this weekend and see if it’s a software issue or something else.

  2. I must say, you are unhappy with the way Wacom incompletely uninstall the files and how Windows system handles stuff, not the performance of the MSP19U. Try removing everything cleanly first before jumping to false conclusions. It isn’t Yiynova’s fault! Don’t blame the wrong side, your boyfriend is right.
    Alternatively, you can install the Yiynova drivers on your Mac and use the MSP19U there instead!

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