30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 04 – Favorite Place – Outdoor Hot Springs

DeviantArt: salva-nos

Photoshop CS6 sketch, Yiynova MSP19U monitor tablet….and 1 hour.

It’s 2AM and I’m struggling to stay awake.  I wanted to write more thoughts about Fire Emblem that I’ve formed since the last post on it.  I wanted to write about the cool, new, Cintiq-like monitor-drawing tablet that came in the mail today.  Or the awesome Lindsey Stirling concert I went to with my friend, V, or the screening of Warm Bodies that I went to tonight with my sister.  But I got home at 11pm and I’m just too exhausted to write about it right now.  I don’t know when I’ll get a break from life; it seems like things have been so busy since December 2012.  It’s hard to do what I want, and it’s even harder to do what I need to do.

About today’s drawing….I had no idea what to draw.  In terms of word association, the phrase “favorite place” is something that sparks nothing to my mind and also way too many things.  I settled on outdoor hot springs, because that was my favorite thing in Japan and I still want to return and just visit tons of hotsprings for the whole trip. My favorite is sitting in a barrel…personal sized or huge sized….hot water wrapping your torso, cold air on your shoulders, cold water dripping down your hair and neck from the soaked towel on your head.  Something about this combination is just so relaxing, and I love the ledge that the barrel rim makes – it’s perfect for resting your head, away from the steam.

I miss going to these.


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