Inappropriate At Work #5: Grease

We got Italian food for lunch, and I ordered a very saucy angel hair pasta. As the meals were handed out ….

Producer: (at boss) Jelliefishie’s grease spilled on yours.
Coworker 2: Jelliefishie’s grease gets everywhere.
Me: I’m sorry!
Boss: Jelliefishie will lick up the grease.
Me:  :( :( :(

I didn’t know what to say, but it was an awkward moment for me.


5 thoughts on “Inappropriate At Work #5: Grease

    • Haha, yeah I guess their creepy delivery of these lines are nothing without audio! But it was enough to make me mid-day post at work (which I never do) and enough to make my boyfriend mad when he heard about it xD. Kinda funny because he used to be the master of inappropriateness at work.

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