30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 3 – Favorite Food – RAMEN

Ramen sketch.....DeviantArt: salva-nos

Shio Ramen, drawn with some photo reference for the food ingredients; Photoshop CS6, Intuos5.

No matter how full I get, there’s always room for ramen!  It was extremely hard to pick a “favorite” to draw, since there are SO many good things out there to eat, with so many different cuisines…it’s impossible to pick a favorite!  Instead, I opted to draw something that I almost never turn down, never get tired of, and could be visually interesting to draw.

This was one of the hardest things I have ever drawn.  My only drawing class was Foundations Figure Drawing in college, and as the class name suggests, it was always sketches of people.  Still life and inanimate objects are not something I’ve attempted on my own time…I really enjoy drawing people and animals much, much more.  Even backgrounds fall by the wayside, as you can tell from the things in my DeviantArt site.  But this is the 30 Day Drawing Challenge…it’s supposed to be hard, it’s supposed to get me out of my comfort zone.  I really struggled with this one, so I kept it black and white because color intimidates and overwhelms me.  My experience is in line art, really.

I know there are things I could have done better…things that could use more detail.  But it’s good enough for a first try.

Maybe I should’ve picked ice cream to draw :T  That only JUST occurred to me!

Day 2: Favorite Animal – Octopus Update:

I submitted this octopus sketch to Reddit.  Normally I am not a contributer…normally if I try to contribute, my questions get barely any answers or attention.  So it felt really nice to see people appreciate my octopus sketch there….in a niche subreddit, I got (from my last count tonight) 824 upvotes!  That’s the most I’ve ever had!!  It isn’t a front page thing since this is a niche subreddit and front page would have like 2000+ upvotes…but it feels good to have my stuff appreciated by a mass of people nonetheless.  When I sent the sketch to my boyfriend, he didn’t realize I was the one who made it…which I take as a sign it looked pretty good, hehe.  But I can’t get used to this feeling of acceptance and praise…because Day 3 really kicked my ass. There’s still a long road ahead on the path of artistic betterment.


P.S. For anyone who has read this far down the post….. I accidentally ate half of the toothpick that was holding my burger together last night.  The only thing I felt was the “crunch” the toothpick made as it snapped under my teeth.  But I didn’t feel when it slashed the inside of my mouth, and didn’t feel it go down my throat.  I … just had to share that.  It was weird.  I am ashamed I ate a toothpick…


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