30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 2 – Favorite Animal – OCTOPUS

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 2 - Favorite Animal - Octopus

Octopus are the bestiest! Click to make it bigger.

What’s not to like about an octopus?  They’re incredibly intelligent, have amazing camouflage skills, and look really awesome.  Sketched this for over 3 hours in Photoshop CS6.  Those tentacles, man….after the first two, I felt SO tired.  Damn tentacles have too many suction cups!!!  This was very fun to draw, till I finished the second tentacle and realized there were 6 more to do.  So much work.

Oh, and I may as well insert this bit of news here!  My boyfriend has really been encouraging me with drawing lately, and told me that the best purchase I can make for myself was to buy a Cintiq (imagine a computer monitor you can draw directly on).  That was even before we got together…but when I checked the prices, they’re freakishly expensive.  Wacom doesn’t really have competition here in the US…they make the pen tablets that all artists use, which run in the hundreds.  The Cintiq size that I’d want has a crazy $3000 price tag…the cheapest one is 12″ big, which “Coworker 2” got recently. I tried it out and it’s definitely cool to draw on, but he has started complaining that it’s too small for him to draw comfortably.  He then upgraded to a bigger one.  Oh, for anyone who isn’t familiar with the Cintiq – you may be wondering what is so special about being able to draw on your computer monitor.  After all, it’s just like an iPad or some other touch screen thing, right?  But there’s a huge difference – Cintiqs (and the other Wacom stuff) come with pressure sensitivity.  So it’s just like if you take a pencil in real life and you drag it lightly across a page, you get a thin and pale line.   If you press hard and drag the pencil, you get a thick, black line.  With pressure sensitivity, a Cintiq can detect if you’re drawing ilghtly or heavily and creates a line weight to match that. It’s supposed to be just like drawing with pencil and paper in real life.  On an iPad, all it senses is if you touched the screen or not – it will give you the same sized line all the time.

After balking at the huge price tag, my boyfriend then told me about the Yiynova MSP19U….a Chinese brand imitation of the Cintiq, 19″ screen….and it was MUCH cheaper at $600!  That’s so much better than $3000!!!  If you’re curious, check out this VERY thorough review of this product on this guy’s site.  Reading that (and other glowing reviews) convinced me this was a good gamble.  Pet peeve, I hate how Chinese companies always send their products out to market with their factory names.  MSP19U???  They don’t mask it with something easier to remember, like “Cintiq”.  The name also sucks…I think it’s pronounced “ee” (as in “eke”) “nova” as in….nova. Haha.  But a lot of my non-Asian friends keep saying weird renditions like “yeeyanova”, and always stumble on it with low confidence.  The one draw back I see with this monitor is that it takes a VGA cable, instead of DVI.  VGA’s quality is not that great, but for line drawings..maybe it’s fine. We shall see!

I found out about this thing back in December, and the only place I could find that sells it was The Panda City via Amazon.com.  It was out of stock, so I bookmarked it and checked EVERY SINGLE DAY…TWICE A DAY….for over 2 months……!!!!  And it finally paid off last Friday!!!!  It came back in stock during the afternoon, I quickly bought one up.  Looking at it today, this moment, it seems to have sold out again.  But if you want one, just do what I did and diligently check :P


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