30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 1 – Self Portrait ( ROBOT )

Day 1: Self Portrait: Robot Me

Drawn with ballpoint pen on a note pad, while waiting for client feedback at work.

A bunch of industry friends on Facebook decided to start one of those 30 Day Drawing Challenges that float around the internet.  We’re all artists, so why not?  It’s great practice.

However….the first topic is SELF PORTRAIT.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate the topic of self portrait.  I just get really self conscious.  So….I did the cop out and drew an idealized version of myself as a robot.  People tell me I am a robot…but not because robots are cool, but because I never talk or show my emotions all that much.  I can come off as cold and controlled, especially in a fight.

That’s just my personality, I guess….protect your emotions in the face of a threat.  Don’t let your enemy see your weakness – never cry, never scream, just execute your retaliation as efficiently as possible….Also, I gave myself a bear claw.  Because why not!  I’M A ROBOT!

And of course, here is the full list for the challenge:

30 Day Drawing Challenge

Not sure who originally put this set list together, but it sounds like fun to draw!

If anyone out there is doing this too, I’d love to see your drawings!


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